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RGruppe Porsche designer wins Prestigious Award

by | Jul 2, 2012 | Classic Porsche Blog, Porsche People

My RGruppe buddy Thorsten, bona-fide Porsche designer, is part of the 80-strong Porsche team working under Michael Mauer that has just won Germany’s prestigious ‘red dot’ design award.

The award comes in recognition for work on the new 911. The car has already won the product award for ‘best design 2012’: both gongs will be handed over at Essen’s Aalto Theatre tonight.

“Winning both of these awards this year makes us proud,” said Mauer. “It means we pursue the right design philosophy. The quality of our design is founded on our brand values: tradition and innovation, sportiness and suitability for everyday driving. This unique combination and the conviction that good design has to be honest, functional and timeless constitute the foundation of our characteristic Porsche design language.”

I think Mauer is right on the money but am most thrilled by knowing Thorsten. Well done mate! Also well done to all of your talented colleagues.

Edit: SoCal Chaptermeister Ray Crawford just gave me the heads up on two Honorary Gruppers in the design team: Tony Hatter, No. 993 and Grant Larson No. 986. Nice!


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