RHD Porsche 964RS Touring sells for £195K at auction

One of the rare RHD Porsche 964 RS Touring models has just sold for quite strong money at the Silverstone Auctions Porsche sale, creating an interesting data point for my Porsche valuations service.

Everyone knows how the 964RS was the first 911 to sport the desirable RS designation. Like the 2.7 RS, the cars developed from racing and were available in two model specifications: Lightweight and Touring. Most 964RS models were Lightweights, with just a handful of RS Tourings being built.

I’ve come into contact with the RHD Tourings several times in the past through dealer clients and RS-owning friends. I value a couple for insurance, and it was one of my valuation customers who emailed me from the sale to let me know how things were going.

The RHD Porsche 964RS Touring just sold at auction was chassis number 491385. Built in early 1992, the spec included black paint with black trim, sports seats with the tri-colour inlays and a sunroof. The RS was sent to JCT Brooklands and – would you believe this – did not sell until September 1993. The consigning entrant was owner number five, who purchased the car from Josh Sadler at Autofarm in 2002.

There’s a bit of paperwork with the car, which presumably confirmed the declared mileage of just 51,000, albeit that confirmation is not mentioned. It had some mechanical work at 46k with my former clients JZM Porsche, who fitted an upgraded exhaust . The RS then had a thorough inspection at 51k miles, with full service, four new tyres and chassis alignment carried out by the guys at RPM Technik in Buckinghamshire.

“Early lots failed to hit their bottom estimate,” reported my source at the sale. “I think they over-egged the estimates, so some of the sellers might be disappointed. I was surprised at the [high] prices of the front-engined cars, though.

“The RS shot up to £185k very quickly, so it was obvious that many people had come specifically to bid on this 911. The pent-up demand released and then bidding began to slow down. It finished at £195,000 plus commission and VAT, which totals to £219,375.”

This tallies with what I was expecting the rare RS to achieve: not quite £200k, but not far away from it. I have updated my RS data accordingly – just goes to show what difference rarity with low mileage can make in what is currently a very slow market for ‘regular’ Porsche sales.

Pics from the Silverstone Auctions website

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