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New models: Porsche 991 50th Anniversary

by | Jun 6, 2013 | Market & Prices, New Models

Towards the end of the 997, Porsche unveiled a spate of special edition 911s, which raised the spam filters against limited production models. Stuttgart’s just unveiled another special, but this one’s better than expected.

Jubiläumsmodell 50 Jahre 911

The limited edition runout 997 Carrera GTS was probably the best water-cooled Porsche I’ve driven to date, including all the quick stuff. It  suited my love of cross-country thrashing much better. I’ve enjoyed my drives in 991, but can’t escape the list price for what’s now a volume unit, and don’t like how busy the car is inside. The latest model might be different.

Jubiläumsmodell 50 Jahre 911

Unveiled this week, the 50th Anniversary car looks good at first glance. It uses the wider 4wd bodyshell, so is essentially a C2S with rinky-dink special bits including:

  • Specially-tuned PASM
  • Sports Exhaust
  • Special 20-inch wheels, inspired by Fuchs (glad no Fuchs here)
  • Chrome front air inlets, engine grille and rear light panel strips
  • Dynamic Lights with bi-xenon and cornering
  • 3D logo on engine cover, tacho, sill trims & headrest embroidery
  • Cupholder plaque with edition number
  • High gloss exterior trim and Sport Design mirrors
  • Retro instrument dials
  • Tribute material on 14-way sports seats (optional 18-way)
  • Swish stiching on interior leather
  • Porsche Exclusive gear shift

Despite this comprehensive and cohesive spec, I predict some classic angst. Air-coolers with short memories will screech at the cupholders, but the 3.2 Carrera and 964 both had Jubilee specials with fluffy carpets and painty bits. This is no different.

Jubiläumsmodell 50 Jahre 911
Jubiläumsmodell 50 Jahre 911

Sure, it’s miles away from the first 911s, but there’s finally a hint of some personality, so I like it. I like the paint, I like the wheels, and I like the bling-y engine grille with the recessed brake light: wait for the aftermarket to rip that off. I like the trim, I like the clocks and I like the mirrors.

Did I say I liked the paint? I can see a slew of hot rods painted in the Geyser Grey Metallic shown here: like a modern Sahara Beige. Graphite Grey and Black Monochrome are your only other options.

Jubiläumsmodell 50 Jahre 911

What are the downsides? Ninety-two grand is rather a big one, big like that vast centre console, but no doubt some of you have put your deposits down. I’d be interested in hearing from anyone who’s got one coming: there’s a feature here for sure.


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  1. Sinclair

    ‘a C2S with rinky-dink special bits’ Love that 😀

    • John

      Haha! Thanks Sinclair 😀

  2. Scott

    Colour is brilliant. But Cupholder plaque with edition number? Hmmm

    Just read the article again and this must be the angst you were predicting 🙂

    • John

      Yes! Right on time 😉


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