Webber: Too Early for 2014 Le Mans Porsche Decision

Sitting here watching the Bahrain Grand Prix Practice Two on Sky F1 HD, anchor David Croft mentioned the speculation surrounding Webber and Porsche for 2014, before cutting to an interview where King Kravitz asked Mark about the rumours.


“You like Porsche road cars, and Porsche are back in World Endurance, so are people putting your current situation together with the Le Mans return and arriving at the wrong conclusions?” asked Ted.

Mark can’t really win no matter what he answers. “It’s adding two and two to get five hundred and sixty,” said Mark. “I’ve never made decisions on what comes next this early in the season, and I see no reason to start now.” That’s my guess from previous posts, too.


Bahrain is Webber’s 200th Grand Prix, and those sort of numbers make a man think, whatever time of the season it is. Perhaps there’s an option deal where if one thing happens at the end of the year, then another will come to pass. Webber is quoted elsewhere as saying Red Bull will be his last team in F1, so maybe…

I think the rumours have burst forth in Red Bull-fuelled fashion and am enjoying the associated buzz, but whatever happens, we’ll be gripped by LMP next year, no matter who’s behind the wheel. Just let them be FAST.

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