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WEVO Porsche R Gruppe California

by | May 13, 2011 | Classic Porsche Blog

I’m in sunny California at the minute and loving every minute of it. Today is being spent with those wonderful people at WEVO in San Carlos, plotting our group assault on this weekend’s R Gruppe Treffen, down in Monterey.

Lined up for Team WEVOs weekend works outing is a great bunch of classic Porsche enthusiasts from all over the US and Europe. R Gruppe started as a California club but its influence now stretches much further afield.

Hayden’s got some great cars here at the minute. In one corner is the GT3-engined 912 we are shooting tomorrow: the car that’s kicked the hot rod goalposts into the stadium car park. In another is the black 911 being built for Burvill Senior. Black with orange leather: properly cool.

Outside are the 993 used as shop delivery bus and the ’67 Aga Blue 912: a 36,000-mile all original car with patina that can’t be beat, including the obligatory baked paint.

Also on site is Hayden’s BMW 2002 Touring, owned since 1990. It’s just had a new twin-choke carb installed under outwardly standard California-legal air filter housing and emissions system. Loads of 2002s around here, including the ‘Golf’ car I got a wave from this morning while I was driving Kenny.

Kenny is a ’72 running a 2.4S engine, Recaro sports seats, one-off WEVO brakes, development suspension, Tall Boy WEVO shifter prototype and enough additional trickness to make a grown Porsche fan weep. I’ve just found a spare hour in the schedule so we are shooting it tomorrow.

Speaking of shooting…




  1. Richard

    Welcome to NorCal…911 paradise. 🙂

  2. johndglynn

    Done Jeroen! RG Girl shot and feature on the way.


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