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1965 Porsche 912 for sale at record price?

by | Jan 12, 2013 | Classic Porsche Blog, Market & Prices

Having a quick flick through the DDK classifieds this morning and spotted a link to this beautiful 1965 Porsche 912 for sale. Couldn’t believe the price – is it a record? For overseas users, £38k is $61k US or €46k EU.

Porsche 1965 912 price 2

From the ad: The car has had a full, cost no object, restoration and has been stripped to bare metal and sprayed by Brookfield Classics to their usual incredible high standards. The restoration is 3 years old and the car has only covered around 1500 miles to shows etc and has lived in a protective bubble since. I firmly believe this to be the finest restored early 912 available.

“The interior is all new and the engine bay is equally concours condition. The car was a US import in the 90’s and has a massive history file with bills way back into the 70’s and even the original US plate. The engine is not a matching number to the car but is strong and runs faultlessly. All in all this is a beautiful car of the highest standards and a real investment with this being a short wheel base, 3 dial early car and 912 prices rising.”

Porsche 1965 912 price 1

The price gap from best 911s to best 912s is always a bone of contention. If I was doing a classic Porsche insurance valuation for this car, I’m guessing I might be in the £30k-band, but as an asking price in private sale that number seems a bit of a challenge. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts.

Not saying it won’t get it or that 912s are a problem. Stay cool, 912ers.


  1. Matthias

    Hmmm, I’m far from being an expert on this but the price seems a bit steep, especially since the motor is not numbers matching to the chassis. Also, if the car is THAT GREAT, then pictures on which you can actually see some of the important details would be nice. Just my two cents, err, pennies…

    • John

      Yes agreed. It’s funny what people forget when they’re selling their car. A set of pics, all done at the same time is a big plus.

  2. Odysseas

    356 money for a 912… this is interesting.
    But even so, there is way more money than sense floating about these days. Personally I’d buy a nice 356 and enjoy its classic aura.
    A 911 with a 4pot is not exactly top of the list but even so there are those who say it is actually capable.
    In a grown up sort of way…

    • John

      Am with you on interest but not sure the market is good to go at this price yet. We’ll see!

  3. Matthew

    My guess would be that this appeals to someone who has a nice air-cooled collection and a large fun fund (courtesy of the British Tax Payer?) They’ve had a few chats inside the paddock at Goodwood and read a few Octane’s that talk about the venerable 912; how it ‘can’t remain at present values for much longer’. SWB feeding frenzy + 912 being trendy = bigger money than sense. 912’s are lovely machines, a bit of revelation compared to the big brothers with 6s, but hell, that’s a lot of loot for a non-matching car. Maybe all the chaps who chopped 912s for R and RS reps will kicking themselves in the next few years.

    • John

      Well, that is the way of things. When I think about all the Renault 5 Gordinis and Citroen CXs I scrapped or gave away **aagh**

  4. Greg

    I used to own this car when it was blue! Originally green and it had done over 300,000 miles when I owned it. Yes, it was probably the best car I owned ( and still would love to! ). But at that price I’d hope there had been a lot of work done. If anyone buys it I still have a few bits for it that would increase its value as they are from that car.;)

    • John

      No way, Greg! When/where was that? Small world getting smaller, every day.

  5. Fer

    As The 911’s Jumped in valué as soon as It hit it’s 50th anniversary, and now they are selling for over $200K US, I predict that the 912’s have to follow, as soon as they hit their 50th anniversary in 2014. The 912 was also named car of the year by car and driver Magazine, anyone that has driven an early 911, short wheel base and an early 912 short wheel base, will tell you that the 912 is just a better car over all. The cars are identical, the only differance is the engine, the 911 has a 6 cyl and the 912 has a 4cyl, but the 912 weighs less therefore it does 0 to 60 in almost the same time as a 911, but in a long race the 912 will win, takes the turns faster than the 911, because of its better wheight distribution, and it also stops less for fuiling because is more economic on gas, that’s why it won the European cup Rally racing back in 1967.
    This is why the car is under priced and it will increase in value as soon as it hits it’s 50th anniversary in 2014.
    The 956 Porsche is a beautiful car, it is also underpriced, Porsche brand is just as big as the Ferrari brand, but, 1962’s Ferrari GTO’s have auction off for over $30 Million dollars, and 1960’s Porsche’s have auction off for maximum $200K to $300K, I’d say that they are way under priced.
    But I think that soon they will start to increase in value substantially and also the 912’s, specially the first year of production. A 1964 VW bus is selling for over $60K so a Porsche 912 has To sell for more. (Like I said It is under priced for The Car that It is) soecially The first year of production.

  6. Mark

    As a 912 owner. No… as a multi 912 owner, yes I bought the best I could each time and hid them all away till now. It’s nice to see some market reflection in what is an great car in it’s own right. But at this price point for a non matching number car it’s in my view ( as an owner of many years ) fishing for a buyer. I have seen the car when it was a different colour and I have seen the car only last week as it is now. It would be great if this was a true market reflection as I may consider selling 2 or 3 of my own. I have a price in mind for the car having seen it. I will keep that to my self as to not undermine the sellers price. But if you want that classic look and you want it now! then it’s the right price on the day to the right person and it only takes one person to buy it! Now what about the silly prices on these 911 T’s I keep seeing…… that is a whole new topic !

  7. Dave Bell

    5mph difference allegedly between the 1965 912 and 911 and better handling with the 912. If someones willing to pay that……….. Totally agree Mark, right price right day right person. The prices vary based on the buoyancy of the economy and the market for classic cars in general. Investors are shifting money into cars and out of the stock market and other assets . Look at DB5 and 6 Aston Martins with huge increases in auction values, the recent Silver Arrows Mercedes record price (I will have two thanks!) The money is out there it was just spent on other things . I have an October 1965 manufacture 912, all matching numbers that I am restoring. Its undergone a back to bare metal and Porsche only panel replacement where they were available, a couple of custom panels made and a immaculate prime and paint back to its original slate grey – Schiffergrau. I have dis-assembled it, passed it to the experts for panel work and paint and I am now meticulously rebuilding it. For me its a fairly all consuming restoration based on a passion for these often overlooked (even by Porsche) cars. It won’t be for sale, it will be used on a regular basis (probably not in the winter though I have to admit) . As with most restorations its over budget but within reason. What I hope to end up with is a very rare car that I can enjoy. If I had a couple f million, which I don’t then I would buy a range of classics and enjoy renovating them and put them all in bubbles when not in use.

  8. Larry Ziman

    Made the mistake of not having a professional view the car before purchase. The doctor selling the car said it need nothing! I’ll add doctors to my list of untrustworthy. Only saving grace to car was it was solid and all # matching. I’ve spent big $$ to get it where I felt it should be for my taste, including a professional windows out repaint to it’s original color of 6604 light Ivory. I may not live long enough to recover my investment, however someone in the future will appreciate my effort to save the black sheep of the Porsche lineage.

    • John Glynn

      Well done Larry! I feel your pain but am sure it is worth it. Great sports cars.

  9. Steven Mitchell

    I purchased a 67 SWB 912 in 2014 from a gentleman in WI. I say gentleman because he was just that when telling me what I was about to buy. My wife and I have put in $10k +,labor, maintenance and parts. No regrets because we purchased it for less than 16k as a “10 footer” with a load of mechanical work done through out it’s life and most recent engine work. We love it! It is not a “trailer queen” as some would say, not matching #s, and has had some customization such as seats and 911 front bumper. But all in all, I believe that 912’s are very under-rated. I retired as a master mechanic and find it a marvel to work on and maintain. I have been with 911’s and 356’s, I chose a 912 for a daily driver for my wife.

  10. Albert

    As a new-er (964, 993, 964 & 991) 911 & 1967 912 owner, I feel the 912 is coming to light now. It may be a “cult” classic of sorts now, but these cars are wonderful machines. They may not have the 6 power or cache of an S worth a small fortune, but it is nonetheless a nimble and beautiful car. Values will continue to rise and given that many were abused there aren’t endless examples in great condition. If you can’t appreciate it, you fall in the 911 poser crowd not worthy of the marque who buys a car for status versus what it stands for, and is. Do not get me wrong, I love a vintage 911 more than the next guy, but…
    My honest and very personal opinion.


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