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Bought a BMW Z4 Coupe

by | Jul 21, 2019 | Classic Porsche Blog, Market & Prices

With the UK car market in slowdown, it’s a good time to seek out some bargains. I have always fancied a “poor man’s E-Type” BMW Z4 Coupe to go with my E36 M3 saloon and adding another interesting product of Munich to my tally of 30+ cars owned to date would create good content for my column in BMW Car magazine. Valuation consultancy work has been busy through 2019 so, with a bit of cash in the kitty, I recently took a few days out to do a bit of homework on real world prices ahead of looking at cars.

After four days of pretty deep research, including contacting recent buyers and sellers and checking their deals, I was well up to speed on prices. I made a short list of specification must-haves and hit the classifieds. Three hours later, I had agreed a nice deal on an apparently tidy Z4 Coupe. I picked it up in Bournemouth on Saturday and am fairly pleased with my purchase so far.

The common comparison in car mags is BMW Z4 Roadster (E85) to Audi TT to Porsche Boxster. The Z4 Coupe (E86) compares more to Porsche Cayman, but Cayman asking prices vs what I paid for mine can be up to twice as much. Although I do like the Cayman, it was not what I was looking for and the Z4M Coupe seems a better option for my needs from £10-£15k. But I digress.

The car I bought is a 2007 E86 manual with the later N52K engine. Good spec including xenons, nav, M-Sport multifunction wheel, heated M seats and BBS style 108 split rims (not super popular but I like them). Silver was not my first choice but I don’t hate it. The bodywork is close to immaculate, with the exception of crazing lacquer from a previous repair on the front bumper.

Now with 107k on the clock after a few hundred miles in the last 24 hours, I’m loving the shove from 265 bhp of N52K with sport mode engaged: it rivals my M3 for sure. Nice economy also, with sixth gear well suited to motorway use. I am settling in to the driving position and Ted the Jack Russell is not moaning too much about the boot.

It has good history, but it is due a service and I have a little list going on other bits. I was happy to buy with a service needed as it gives me a chance to get a very close look. I sent a deposit pre-inspection knowing there was work to do and nothing changed for me on pickup, so I paid what I offered. I’m quite looking forward to waving some spanners on it.

First job was the classic “coins rammed in ashtray hinge”. Took some medieval persuasion but mission accomplished! Anyone else had a Z4 Coupe? I was tempted to find a bargain Z4M Coupe, but figured I would start cheap with guilt-free mileage and run it for a bit, make a little profit and then go for something lower miles if it really catches my interest. The story may end end up being more “buy this, sort the bits and drive it for years”.


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