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Porsche Hot Rod at Classic Le Mans

by | Jul 17, 2010 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods

Classic Le Mans was HOT. Too hot! As we were so busy with shooting a Total 911 piece and sorting bits for Jamie’s uber-cool Renault 8S, I didn’t get much time to wander around the car park to see anything resembling a Porsche hot rod either.

Thankfully, I can count on some stalwart Porsche pals to help me out with keeping an eye on the public parking. My buddy Chris Tarling took a couple of shots of an interesting early 911 (since discovered to be an SC backdate).

The colour on this hybrid Porsche hot rod looks like Irish Green. I love the front flares and curved rear quarters. Black-rimmed rear lenses do the business. Contrasting bumpers and engine grille are groovy, and loud pipes save lives!

Banded steels and sticky tyres are a look – no idea what it must drive like with all that dish.

The front end is love or hate, with grilled-out markers and indicators and the black-rimmed lights. The flip up centre filer is sweet, and I love the wiper-off look. Like being back in California. I think the whole thing is old-school cool.

I’ve been giving serious thought to selling my Carrera 3.0 and building something irreverent on that early T shell I have. I’m sort of on the fence over whether to sell the T as a potential rally car project or just do something with it and buy another Varmint-type SC from the US. I’m not dead set on owning an all-original early 911, but this car gives me the hots for the early 911 outlaw look. Tough to decide which way to go sometimes.

If this car rings a bell with anyone, get in touch!


  1. Chris T

    Just seen this one John. Was an interesting car – I liked it for the way the owner had obviously gone his own way on creating his 911.

    • johndglynn

      Yes Chris, I love it also. What a great car.

  2. Thorsten

    Nice one – build something like that and let me know when you sell your Carrera 3.0 ;o)

    • johndglynn

      It'll be available soon enough I think. Just going to change some window seals, install a carpeted interior with proper sports seats and then it is going on sale. Time for someone else to enjoy!


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