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Classic Porsche 901 Prototype Discovered

by | Apr 15, 2015 | Classic Porsche Blog, Market & Prices

Loving the story of the latest early Porsche 911 discovery shared in a thread on the Early S Registry. Current owner Jay bought this 911 as a supposed 70s/80s model more than thirty years ago, but only recently uncovered the car’s true identity.

Originally purchased with steel flares, IROC bumpers and a fibreglass ducktail, the car had a 2.7-litre K-jet engine installed. It came with a roll cage and some suspension changes, so it seemed the 911 had been raced in the past.

After fifteen years sitting in storage, Jay decided to explore the car properly. The now more savvy 911 enthusiast began to notice 1964-specific features including engine bay pressings, door handles and other small details. A factory check of the build numbers revealed the production date: 21st September, 1964.

Porsche 911 901 prototype barn find 1

Porsche 901 Prototype

This 911 carries chassis number 300005: the fifth 901 built in 1964. No earlier chassis number is known to survive, making this chassis a very special find. The big question now is, how to restore it? Parts for 1964 and 1965 SWB 911s are notoriously difficult to find: certainly the most unobtanium Porsche 911 road car parts out there.

The Porsche Museum currently has chassis number 57 in restoration. This is obviously a much later car, plus the level of attention to detail found in past Porsche Classic restorations has been criticised in some corners. It will be interesting to see what happens with this amazing find. No doubt the level of interest in this Porsche 901 early production prototype at auction would be completely unprecedented.


  1. Mark Prior

    I have some very useable front wings for a 64/65 car. If the owner of this early car is interested let me know.

    • Brian Stark

      Mark do you still have the front fenders for 64/65 Porsche 901/911? If so what do you have to get for them and can I have a few pics?
      Brian Stark



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