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EB Motorsport Lightweight 1965 911 for Spa 6 Hours

by | Apr 28, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Race and Rally

Had a good catch up with the EB Motorsport classic Porsche parts brothers over coffee in Banbury last week, before taking a ride in their newly-finished 1965 Porsche 911 at Tuthill Porsche. The car will debut at FIA Masters at Donington this weekend.

EB Motorsport classic Porsche parts 1965 911

Driving the 1965 Porsche 911

What a car! All steel, it weighs 915 kilos without fuel and an estimated 180 bhp from the FIA-certified 2-litre motor. Light weight is great but it is likely to need ballast to comply with FIA papers. Geared to a top speed in the 120s, it’s running at 4k-ish at 70 mph, but put your foot down at 70 and the acceleration will surprise the cars around you on the motorway.

EB Motorsport classic Porsche parts 1965 911 (2)

Nicely finished inside and out, the ’65 is painted in Jo Siffert/Andre Wicky ST tribute livery, and runs Tuthill Porsche’s bolt-in roll cage: something I really want to fit to one of my own projects. The ivory air box has divided opinion: good feedback on Facebook but others are not such big fans! I quite like it.

EB Motorsport classic Porsche parts 1965 911 (3)

The car has just been granted entry to the 2014 Classic Spa 6 Hours. Mark ran Steve Winters’ (Jaz Porsche) 1965 car last year and managed 3:09 race laps in a car he’d only just sat in. Looks like the 2-litre 911 lap record at Spa could be up for grabs this year: will have to figure out what that is.

Enjoyed the chat with EB last week: got a week of EB updates coming on the Ferdinand Magazine blog through the end of April. Next one tomorrow!


  1. Bill Simmeth

    Beautiful car! What sort of exhaust is fitted to the car and any more pictures to share?


    • John Glynn

      Hi Bill, it’s a Duel exhaust modified by Tuthill Porsche. They alter the original Duel flanges which can be fragile. I’m working on some more pics – will let you know.


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