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On eBay: First-ever LWB Porsche 911

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Classic Porsche Blog, Market & Prices

Classic Porsche simpatico, Brendan Mullan is selling his recent barn find Porsche 911 on eBay. But this is no ordinary Porsche dragged out of a barn.

Chassis number 119200001 is the first ever long wheelbase Porsche 911 built in Stuttgart. Bolted together on June 28th, 1968, I was five months old when this 911 rolled out of Zuffenhausen and under the bums of Lamplough, McNally and Jo Siffert: Porsche test drivers at the time.

The eBay description is as good as you’d expect from the Porsche enthusiasts selling this car, and the provenance is solid. More solid than the chassis itself, but rust is nothing that can’t be repaired. You can switch it back from RHD to original left while you’re at it.

What will it fetch? Who knows, but I’ve already had one phone call discussing possible sale price. It’s currently sitting pretty at £35k with 8 days left to run. I doubt it will be cheap, but what’s cheap in an ever-rising market? Interest rates are close to zero: putting (a lot of) money into this will return better than that in time. And if it sells to someone with a factory restoration team to do the work, then all the better.


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