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Techno Classica Essen 2010 Porsche Pictures 1

by | Apr 26, 2010 | Classic Porsche Blog

Juggling the day job and preparations for the US trip has left little time for blogging in the last week or two. Here’s part 1 of my Essen pics – I took quite a bundle. Hopefully you’ll find them interesting.

First up is the 917K, brought from Stuttgart for the show. I must have taken 50 pictures of this over the three days I was there. But is it really Dickie Attwood’s 1970 Le Mans-winning car? Definitely the real deal? Not according to some people I spoke to. But beautiful.

Porsche 917 at Essen

Mittelmotor’s Micheal Wittke always brings amazing things to look at. This is his 914 build a la Sonauto: Le Mans 1970 all over again. Within a stone’s throw of each other, these two (above and below).

Porsche 914 Mittelmotor Essen

Classic Motorsport’s supertasty RSR shell. The fit and finish of the panels was exceptional. But, as Aaron said, not quite sure what the story was with the rear suspension and swaybar mounts. Nice though – very nice.

Porsche 911 RSR bodyshell Essen

Beautiful little Carrera 2 from Steenbuck Automobiles. Always a selection of incredible 356s from these guys at Essen.

Porsche 356 Carrera 2 Essen

I am swooning over loads of  914s at the minute: got a real thing for them. I’ll have to get myself one soon (a hot rod, obviously). This 914/6 would be a perfect base for a hot rod build if it wasn’t so MINT! Loved this immaculate example.

Porsche 914 Yellow Essen

Porsche 356 Carreras are one thing, but a nice little 1600 Super motor is pretty sexy too. Not sure about the shiny coil but the rest sure looked good. You can’t beat teastrainers for retro intake kudos!

Porsche 356 Super 1600 engine Essen

Here’s a Speedster conversion on a 356 B; very nicely done. What about the €55k price tag? Any thoughts from the 356 crowd?

Porsche 356 Carrera Speedster Essen

Never seen this colour trim in such good condition on a 911 before and I’ve seen a few 911s. Rich Brown leather with leather dash, leather armpulls: the lot. Absolutely superb at GT Classics (local boys).

Porsche 911 S rare brown leather interior Essen

Was wandering through the parts hall on my way to another schnitzel when I spotted this tray under yellowing plastic. The stallholder let me play around a bit with my little Leica, so I bought a nice old Matchbox 930 from him: Emerald Green with Tan/Cork interior. My perfect 930 spec ‘in true life’, as the kids say.

Porsche 930 Models in Tray Matchbox Essen

I call this one ‘Blonde with Viper Green Targa’.

Blonde with Porsche Targa Viper Green Essen

You’d think Chocolate Brown on an SC would be kinda wrong. Instead, it is so right. If I owned this, I’d be sponsored by Lindt.

Porsche 911 SC Chocolate Brown Essen

Finally for Part 1: a Kiln Red 911 SC Targa, fresh off the boat from America and wearing nice soft paint. €28k euros to you! But a great colour nonetheless.

Porsche 911 SC Kiln Red Targa Essen


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