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Ferdinand Magazine Projects: Porsche 924 Turbo

by | Apr 24, 2012 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

My growing car collection just went up a notch, as new Ferdinand Magazine bought its first Porsche project.

The new addition is a 924 Turbo: a Series One car from the late 1970s, in Silver. It’s LHD (of course) and has a non-sunroof shell. Condition is reportedly very solid, but I’ve not seen it yet so will advise when it arrives with me, later today. The seller knows his Turbos and says this is the fastest one he’s ever had. Count on some test drive video! I’ve been looking for a good 924 Turbo for ages, so I really hope this is as sweet as it sounds.

The odometer is showing very low kilometres, which may or may not be genuine. There is absolutely no paperwork with the car, so a detective hunt lies ahead. It still carries its Italian registration: tracing that back should be interesting. Completely unconnected, I just started Italian lessons but have enough Italian Porsche friends to help me with the digging.

Plans for the car: it is seriously tempting to make this a Carrera GT replica. I’ve always loved 924 Carrera GTs and a silver one would sit well in the garage with the Orange 911 and my M3 saloon. I’m having the car delivered to Racing Restorations UK in Pershore, where Rob Campbell will give it a good going over. Rob has just finished tidying up the M3 – chopping out some rot in the sills and overhauling the suspension and underside – so the 924 will drop into that space.

Whatever about the Carrera GT plan, I know I have a gearbox fault to fix on this 924 first, so the spare transmission I bought with the car will be stripped later this week to check it out before swapping it into the newbie. Once the car is MOT’d, we’ll decide what to do for the future.

I know you will now ask me: what’s happening with the 944 Kombi/Estate project? The donor car we bought and paid for turned into a bit of a nightmare, with the seller initially agreeing to store it for a while, but then moving it and refusing to tell us where we could pick it up! Buying through eBay with Amex was a sensible move. We are back on the hunt for a donor: I still have my 86k-mile 1983 944 Lux stashed away, but I think that’s a bit too nice to chop up.

More updates later: follow Ferdinand Magazine on Facebook to get the news first.


  1. Will inch

    Very Nice idea to build a cgt rep John. There was one for sale a while back that looked fantastic. Some real bargains out there with the front engined porkers. Some very tempting 944s!
    Looking forward to how this progresses. By the way does Rob do paint?

    • John

      Thanks mate. Rob doesn’t paint himself but he uses two local painters who do great work. Some discussion over adding a booth to his second unit and taking a painter on. My M3 has just come out of paint at one of Rob’s guys and it looks excellent: they have painted all my stuff for years (M3, SC, pair of Landcruisers, camper, CRV, Subaru).


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