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Ferdinand’s Porsche 912E Project lands in UK

by | Sep 10, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

So my 912E has finally arrived in the UK. Bought unseen from San Francisco Craigslist, the car was also advertised on Pelican and a few other places frequented by Porsche fans, but no one wanted it. I did a good deal with Bob the seller and had it trailered away by a good friend out there.

Ferdinand Porsche 912 Restoration Project

It lived with some friends in SF for almost a year, before it was trucked down to Long Beach to sail with a Tuthill 356 and a collector friend’s 911s. The container cleared customs on Monday, got trucked up to the West Mids and was unpacked on Tuesday morning. I had notice of the unboxing at 9am. By 10am, I’d arranged a car transporter on Shiply to same-day trailer it to my classic Porsche home-from-home: Rob Campbell’s Racing Restorations in Pershore near Worcester. It arrived there later that afternoon.

Ferdinand Porsche 912 Restoration Project (4)

I am tied up on other stuff all this week, so I won’t get to see it until the weekend, but Robert’s had a good look this morning and says the shell looks pretty solid. It’s had a really rough paint job in the past, but that will blast off easily enough and reveal the original Arrow Blue.

Ferdinand Porsche 912 Restoration Project (2)

1976 Porsche 912E Project

I purposely bought a 911/912 with no sunroof, as roof panels on pre-galv cars can go nasty, not to mention floors soaked by leaking roof seals. Seems the floors are solid so that is good. Little bit of rust in the front and rear window apertures, spot of surface rust under the parcel shelf. The kidney bowls look OK, but the latch panels are messy. The front wings are rough, but there’s a pair of good ones in the car – not that I am using either. The rest looks reasonable apart from a holed front pan, but that would be coming out anyway as they love to rust: an easy repair job for Mr. Rob Campbell.

Ferdinand Porsche 912 Restoration Project (3)

What is the plan? Currently aiming to backdate it, keep it simple maybe run it kinda ratty for a while. Not easy to run something with no engine in it, so I plan to fit the classic Subaru Turbo transplant with a flipped R&P and the WRX 5-speed. Still flat four and I’m a Subaru guy. I’ve got a set of Subaru workshop manuals, am not into Beetles and who can be doing with the price of flat sixes these days! 😉


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