Gooding Drendel Porsche Auction: Record Sale Prices

Just tweeted the Drendel Porsche Collection sale at Amelia Island and it was terrific fun. Here’s a list of my tweets, with the prices fetched in the hall – add the premium to get the buyers’ actual bill. Quite a few world records, as expected. Gooding will no doubt have a huge press release on this.

Best result? Take your pick: Martini 935 at $2.3 Million, Baby Turbo which sold for a stunning $2.95 Million or the 917/30 at $4 Million! Here are the tweets:

  • We are THREE CARS away from a ton of big-money classic Porsches at @GoodingCompany in Amelia Island. Stay tuned!
  • 1960 #Porsche 356B Roadster in Silver with Blue/Blue makes $135k at @GoodingCompany. Tons of start bids, painfully slow finish in 2.5s.
  • Drendel Collection NOW ON SALE. First car is a 1988 Porsche 944 Turbo S.
  • #Porsche 944 Turbo S has just 700 miles from new. Unreal. Makes a SUPER SWEET $75k at @GoodingCompany. $10k past high estimate.
  • The Martini #Porsche 935 now on the stand at @GoodingCompany. Hall is buzzing.
  • The #Drendel Martini #Porsche 935 makes $2.3 MILLION at @GoodingCompany. Holy mother: $300k past high estimate.
  • NOW! Bell/Holbert’s ex-Le Mans 1980 Porsche 924 GTP on the stand. All other cars owned by the factory. #Drendel @GoodingCompany
  • Ex-Le Mans 1980 Porsche 924 GTP makes a slow $350k – seems value for money…
  • 1997 #Porsche 911 GT1 Evolution on the stand. #Drendel @GoodingCompany – Bids at $825k and heading north
  • Make that $950k on the phone
  • $975k on the GT1 – still bidding. Phone is out.
  • $1.05 Million against the phone for the GT1 #Porsche at @GoodingCompany
  • (Tweet chat to @GTPorsche: Yes I think the 924 was a good buy. Gooding including their premium – my numbers in the hall. Good fun sale.)
  • 1990 #Porsche 944 Cab makes $36k – well past high estimate. Now 934 on the rostrum. On $650k at the mo.
  • Peach of a #Porsche 934 selling well cheap at $650k and slow to go.
  • 1976 #Porsche 934 in top colour, ex-Le Mans class winner sells for $810k – new money came in at $725k when looked all over.
  • 1987 McLaren MP4/3 Formula 1 on the stage NOW – 1000hp with spare engine. Charlie takes a start bid of $200k straight in
  • McLaren going frigging ballistic
  • $780k for the McLaren F1 car – Porsches look cheap against it! Talk about last minute save at $640k – GRIPPING AUCTION with HEAVY bidding
  • Derek Bell now on the stage talking about the next lot – sale just down the road from his FL house #Porsche 1984 962
  • Winningest #Porsche in history?! For sale for first time ever. 1984 Porsche 962 opens at $1 MILLION
  • Finish of $1.75 MILLION on phone for 1984 #Porsche 962. Low estimate was $1.75M. Slow to get there.
  • 1986 #Porsche 944 Turbo Cup starts at just $20k – nuts but we’ll see where it goes
  • 1986 #Porsche 944 Turbo Cup low estimate of $65k – finishes at $72k. Like pulling great big rooted teeth here.
  • 1974 #Porsche RSR Carrera Turbo 2.14 starts at a mill. Baby Turbo on sale. Low estimate $1.75M – now $2M
  • Baby Turbo makes $2.95M in room at @GoodingCompany #Porsche 911 RSR. Very strong bidding – such a thrill to watch. Blitzes estimates.
  • Auction Fever – #Porsche 968 Turbo S Clone makes well past high estimate at a healthy $66k @GoodingCompany – the mega 917/30 is up next.
  • OK – this is the BIG ONE. Ultimate #Porsche 917: most powerful road racing car EVER. One of only 6 built. 0-60 in 2 seconds.
  • #Porsche 917/30 hits a killer $4 Million at @GoodingCompany. One bid from 2.6 to 3 tried to freeze the rest but failed. High est $4M
  • This is such a great #Porsche sale – now we have the Boss 944 GTP sold without reserve. Fantastically famous car opens at $200k.
  • Who is keeping total score here? Guess I’d better add it up! Still four more #Drendel #Porsche cars to go after 944.
  • $280k for the #Porsche 944 GTP. Now a Holbert 962 with truckload of spares. 9 wins and 17 podiums. Starts at $500k.
  • Holbert #Porsche 962 sells at $850k
  • 1992 #Porsche 968 Turbo RS starts well below low estimate at $100k, but soon hits low estimate of $250k.
  • Great result for #Porsche 968 Turbo RS at $315k – $10k off top estimate
  • 1980 Parnelli #Porsche Indy Car sluggish bids to $200k – fails to hit low estimate of $350k. #Surprised #UNSOLD
  • FINAL #Drendel #Porsche at @GoodingCompany is the 1995 911 (993) GT2. Low estimate $375k. ON SALE at $255k now.
  • Last #Drendel #Porsche 911 993 GT2 sells amongst very busy $5k bid increments for $325k. Everyone exhausted!! Low estimate was $375k.
  • Thanks to everyone who didn’t unfollow me through the #Drendel tweets! What a great sale – top day for #Porsche fans.

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  1. says: John

    It’s a combination of things. Desire to be part of the sale and own a piece of this magnificent collection is one element, but the main factor is rarity and condition of the cars, history in various series’ and eligibility in others. I doubt too many will ever turn another wheel in anger.

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