1,000 Porsche Jobs in Leipzig

Porsche’s Leipzig plant currently employs 1,150 people. This seems like a low number, but if you watched the ‘superfactories’ programme on the facility, you’ll know how much technology is used there.

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Today’s announcement that the Leipzig labour force will double when Macan arrives in a few months says everything about volume aspirations. Porsche’s baby SUV could be the motoring equivalent of the iPad, and Stuttgart is gearing up to take full advantage when demand kicks in.

Porsche has just announced a recruitment programme for 1,000 production workers at Leipzig, including 400 engineers for production planning. The company seeks “skilled employees with professional qualifications in body construction, painting, assembly and quality assurance – to include operators, staff for ultrasonic testing, staff for metal sheet forming (and others).”

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Unsurprisingly, interest is through the roof. The company has already received 16,500 applications with a further flood expected to follow the official announcement. “The facts speak their own language,”said Siegfried Bülow, Lepizig’s Chairman. “[We offer an] attractive environment and an emotional product. Moreover, the jobs here are future-proof, because in Leipzig all signs point to growth.”

Insert something here about pride and falls, but I doubt Siegfried is wrong. Porsche is putting €500 Million into converting the site to a fully-fledged plant with paint shop and body assembly: its biggest building project ever. “In the summer, we will commission the new paint shop, so the first customer vehicle will roll off the assembly line at the end of the year. The schedule is a challenge, and the plant extension a truly mammoth task. But we are going all out for it,” declares the boss man.

Link here to more information on the Leipzig Porsche plant extension and 1,000 new jobs on offer.

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