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Porsche 911 Outlaw comes together up north

by | Jul 27, 2018 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods

My most recent visit to EB Motorsport in Barnsley revealed a slightly sorry looking ’74 RS-style 911 sitting in a corner of the workshop. Brought in on 17″ wheels and with a weird exhaust setup which was neither one thing nor the other, the new owner wanted a set of EB’s 15″ RSR wheels and a 2.8 RSR bumper painted and fitted. Mark’s just sent me some pics of the finished project, which showed quite a transformation!

EB RS project begins

Offering the bumper up to the car, the exhaust was an issue. The tail pipes spaced at an odd distance from the centre obviously did not fit in the moulded bumper cut outs but, more importantly, the rolled exit tips were of quite a small internal diameter which was probably hurting performance.

After some consultation with the customer, the decision was taken to remake the exhaust silencer and mould a custom 3.0 RS-style rear bumper to suit. The fabricators centred larger diameter stainless tail pipes on the original muffler with some internal mods, also repairing some damage to the rear panel while the exhaust was on the bench.

With the new exhaust fitted, the bumper mould was mocked up and vents added to the underside. A plain reflector panel was also prepared and the panels were moulded in composite. The completed parts were then finished in body colour of Grand Prix White in EB’s own paint shop.

The RSR wheels were fitted with Pirelli Corsa Classic tyres and a geometry setup was carried out, based on the team’s proven 3.0 RS race settings with a bit less camber for the road. The engine was serviced, including new plugs, a rebuild and re-jet for the Weber carbs and new set of plug leads reviving the 3-litre’s view of the world. The finished item looks a lot better than the unloved 911 I first saw a few weeks ago!


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