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Another Porsche 356 Outlaw From EASY

by | Jul 6, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods, Project Cars

Many of you will probably wish there were different wheels on this Porsche 356 Outlaw, recently spotted at an EASY Porsche meet in San Francisco. I reckon they are covering a brake upgrade – especially given the drivetrain changes – but no doubt this is an interesting car.

Ferdinand Porsche 356 outlaw hot rod 4

Super smooth bodywork with some urban stealth touches: grey primer with wiper delete, and Michelin Pilot Sport Cup rubber wrapped around those twist rims, the pics came from my buddy John G up in northern California. JG recently picked up a dune buggy body, and the emails have been flying on plans for chassis and drivetrain.

Ferdinand Porsche 356 outlaw hot rod 1

Air-cooled is obviously the only way to go for power, and JG likes the flat-four seen here. “I think I found what I want for a dune buggy motor this morning. Type 4 VW with Webers and Porsche shroud and vertical fan. This one was a bus motor, taken out to 2.7-litres. But super clean, no wires showing, nothing but the good stuff. Very cool: me likey.”

Ferdinand Porsche 356 outlaw hot rod 2

Me likey too. Dune buggies have been a bit of a thread around here lately, with a big buggy rebuild project in progress alongside my Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0 at Racing Restorations. Rob Campbell has built a complete safety roll cage with seat belts for the owners and his kids, and sorted a lot of original fabrication issues.

Ferdinand Porsche dune buggy hot rod (1)

I had a chance to drive the dune buggy around the estate before it was picked up, and that was a tick on the bucket list. I’ve always had a thing for dune buggies. Now that the mid-life is in full swing, I’d sort of enjoy having one for the odd days of good weather we see in the UK, although I prefer the shorter wheelbase models.

Looking forward to having JG’s buggy sorted in California. No doubt it will be a project for many years yet, but that will be a laugh when it’s finished!

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  1. Candyce Roberts

    My name is Candyce Roberts. The car in this photo belongs to my husband David Roberts. He passed away on April 4 2023 from mesothelioma, the cancer caused by asbestos exposure. I would like you to see the car which he finished in 2016. He changed the wheels! Let me know if you would like to see the end result…he painted it black with very light grey interior. A show stopper. The engine needs some work. Maybe you could direct me to someone in the Bay Area who could look at it? If not, I would still like to send you some photos as a follow up to your article.


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