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Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Hot Rod for sale

by | May 17, 2017 | Modified Porsche Hot Rods, Classic Porsche Blog

porsche 911 hot rod 1

My good friend RB has decided to sell his modified 911 hot rod, based on a very late 1989/G-reg G50 3.2 Coupe. He’s owned the car for as long as I have owned Porsches, so it’s a big decision to part with the car, but as there’s a new mega-balls 964 Turbo in the garage (amongst other things), he’s not going to be left short of flat-six thrills.

I’ve driven the Guards Red 911 on road and track and it goes along nicely. I’ve lost count of the road trips I’ve followed this car through the UK and Europe on: my second-ever track day was a trip to Spa with this one, just the two of us. It’s a good, solid, fun 911 that can easily be further tweaked to suit a new owner’s tastes. Even better, the owner is not an idiot, so dealing with him will be easy on the brain.

Here is how RB explains it – (note: this car is now sold! Many thanks for reading)

Porsche 911 Hot Rod Explained

porsche 911 hot rod 2

There’s much more to tell than I can fit in an advert. The history and development of this car is transparent – it’s all online. I truly hope someone like-minded can buy this special car and have as much fun as I have had. On the right road, on the right day, with the right people, there are not many better experiences.

Unlike many “recreations”, this is not a 1- or 2- year project produced with a view to resale.  In contrast to that, I have owned this car for nearly 16 years, slowly evolving it to what it is now.  Everything has been done on my watch, at my expense and by my design. If you fancy a walk down internet lane, you can trace much of the car’s history on where I have posted under my own name for many years.  And what you can’t find there, I have documented in a comprehensive history file.

Based on a 1989 3.2 Carrera, I have taken everything I know about 911s and used that to develop what I think is a fantastic, sports purpose, lightweight 911 with much of the character of Porsche’s own RS cars. Initially built for fast road and track days, but more recently focussed on European road trips, this is one of the most developed G-series 911s you will find anywhere.

For disclosure, I need to start by pointing out that the car was Cat D recorded almost twenty years ago. Like many other 911s in that era, a small accident plus low values conspired to create an insurance write-off. I had the car stripped and jigged immediately after purchase, and then condition inspected.  It’s now straight and has had a full body resto since then. Cutting to the chase:


  • A rust free car subject to a full body restoration when converted to wide body approx 7 years ago
  • The rear flares are steel 930 and most everything else is plastic for low weight
  • The sunroof was deleted and the fuel tank is centre fill under the bonnet
  • Bumpers are 3.0 RS/IROC pattern and the rear tail is IROC – being the most efficient “non-wing” tail you can get, front bumper just repainted
  • Headlights were new during the rebuild and the wiring is all through a modern blade fuse style board greatly enhancing reliability


  • Engine rebuilt by Steve Winter at JAZ (part of about 15 years of JAZ history) with standard 3.2 pistons and cylinders, 993 Supercup cams and a 964 plastic intake
  • Built for 7000+rpm but limited to 7000rpm making 283hp via Wayne Schofield tuning
  • Lots of other good bits in the engine build sheet
  • Turbo Thomas custom exhaust (just repacked)
  • Not a (normal) lazy 3.2, but an engine inspired by the MFI RS engines, one that loves to rev and has throttle response that non-MFI 911 engines dream of
  • With a kerb weight under 1050kg, the power-to-weight ratio is more early GT3 than 3.2 Carrera


  • Being an ’89 car, the gearbox is G50 meaning a 240mm hydraulic clutch, modern shift feel and a largely fail safe shift action
  • The clutch is a spring-centred 930S clutch, the pressure plate is light aluminium and the diff is a Powerhaus II assymetric plate type LSD – like 993RS
  • Gearbox mounts are poly as are engine mounts. The shift action is precise and falls naturally to hand with a slightly extended shifter


  • Carefully and thoughtfully upgraded suspension.  Torsion bars are 22/29mm Sander Engineering hollow bars and the rear anti-roll bar is an adjustable 22mm bar
  • Dampers are custom valved Bilsteins to the JAZ Porsche recipe
  • Bushes are Neatrix rear and polybronze front
  • Offset monoball top mounts to remove stiction and add precision
  • Brakes are 964 front calipers over 944 Turbo discs and C12 rear calipers over 3.2 discs
  • Wheels are 8 & 9 x 16″ Fuchs with spacers/adapters and good Bridgestone tyres


  • A mix of light weight and just enough comfort
  • Recaro Pole Positions with custom leather covers and alcantara cushions provide the comfort and lightweight sound deadening, closed cell foam and OE carpets keep just enough noise at bay
  • The cage is an FIA spec OMP 6 point with welded in mounts
  • The steering wheel is a 996 Cup Car item and the doorcards are 964RS style with alcantara covers
  • Heat is 3-season with small heat exchangers providing enough to clear the screen and take the chill off
  • Six-point harnesses and a fire extinguisher complete the mix

The honest truth is that most of this car has been tested and replaced.  The fuel pump quit in the Swiss Alps and is now a Bosch motorsport 044 pump. The steering rack was replaced at one point: the list goes on. But what this car is really about, is a platform developed and optimised for great road trips.

Over the last few years, I have been as far as Slovenia, though the Alps twice, the Route Napolean and through the Pyrenees.  Track days at Spa, Le Mans and the Ring plus the usual UK tracks are all notches in the belt.  I have tested most everything you can test and the car stands ready for it’s next big trip.  Ready to create new memories with someone else.

At times, it has felt like I have poured my heart and soul into this car and when the roads and the company are just right, the highs I have experienced are about as much as anyone can hope for in a car.  I cannot emphasise just what an amazing package this car is.  The handling balance is just perfect, the diff gives amazing drive and the engine sings its little heart out time and again as it reaches for the rev limiter.

porsche 911 3.2 964 intake

I am not selling a concours car or a replica of anything, but I am selling a car that you will build memories with. If you want a car that lets you joins Euro R-Gruppe events, the Bergmeister or my own “Porsche Peleton” trips then this is it.

I have rambled on in my description, but I have 16+ years of story to tell. I know I have left out a load of stuff, but if my 3.2 sounds like you, then let’s talk. Far be it for me to suggest what a new owner may use this car for, but if they want to join me (and my fellow road trippers) in new Euro adventures, then I sincerely hope that is something that I can look forward to.

Boring stuff – the car will come with a new MOT in May and a service from JAZ.  I am happy to deliver the car to JAZ Porsche in St Albans for Inspections. See contact details in the for sale ad here.


  1. carlo

    Hi there,

    Is it still for sale?

    Thanks Carlo

    • John Glynn

      Should be, have a search on Pistonheads classifieds. I will check the links.

  2. Alex Wagner

    I am the happy new custodian of this hot rod 911.
    It’s astonishing to look at, listen to and drive. 😀

    • John Glynn

      Cool, Alex – well done! That is a great car, you will have a lot of fun with it.


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