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Porsche 911 RSR Arch Flares from EB Motorsport

by | May 9, 2017 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

Mrs G and I recently attended the social event of the historic Porsche motorsport off-season in Yorkshire, where a good weekend was had by all. While up north, we called in to catch up with Mark and James at EB Motorsport in Barnsley, as I heard there was lots going on.

While James has recently been helping with another little addition to the family, Mark’s been holding the fort at EB Engineering by day and spending the evenings knee-deep in Porsche projects. Both have also been working closely with a bunch of new staff including a full-time painter, new fabricator/welder and a machine operator for the three Haas CNC machines now working flat out in Barnsley. But I digress – back to Porsche.

Current EB classic Porsche projects include the 911R build (which I got some good pics of), repairing the ’65 SWB car ahead of this year’s race season (Brands Masters and 6 Hours of Spa are definite), working on the 2.1 RSR Turbo build and fitting the latest EB Motorsport parts to the Light Yellow RSR race car: these superb pressed steel rear arch flares.

Porsche 911 Steel Arch Flares

Well made steel arch flares that fit properly and look right are almost impossible to find, but the new EB flares are a superb piece of work. Requiring no hand finishing around the arch lip or torsion bar hole, they merge to meet the contours of the classic race car in a seamless curve of delight. The tyre-to-arch gap in EB’s fitting is nothing short of perfect; these steel arch flares really are magnificent creations by all concerned.

I love my 911s as narrow-body models, but steel panels of this quality make my wallet itch. The only issue is that, to do them proper justice, you need 300bhp under the decklid and 11-inch rear Fuchs to match. Such champagne tastes are not yet matched by an available budget to go wild in metal. Maybe one day.

Email EB Motorsport to discuss any of their peerless performance parts for Porsche. The brothers are excellent guys: two of my favourite people.


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