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Terrific Porsche 956 Period Video Footage

by | Apr 6, 2012 | Classic Porsche Blog, Porsche People

Porsche friend Hans has just shared this video on Facebook. It’s a feature (in German) on the Porsche 956. Non German speakers, don’t let the language put you off – the video contains some great period footage of the 956 in build and at work. Well worth watching!

Derek Bell usually dominates 956 video. While I could listen to DB ’til the cows came home, it’s a nice change to have some new faces. Here we have the great Jürgen Barth,who won the ’76 Le Mans in the 936 with Ickx and Hurley Haywood, and finished third in 1982, sharing a 956 with Hurley and Al Holbert. Also interviewed are Harald Grohs and Hans Heyer.

Born in Essen, Harald is a veteran of fifty endurance races, and a former 935 & Carrera Cup racer. Former European Touring Car Champion, Hans Heyer will be familiar to anyone who followed DRM (Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft – German Racing Championship) back in the day, as his racing career throughout Europe was legendary. Hans drove just about every touring and sports car of note, up to his retirement from full-time racing in 1985.

Hans Heyer’s New Man Porsche 956 is above, from Rennsport Reunion IV last year. The interview looks to have been filmed at the Kremer works – rather apt as Heyer drove Kremer RSRs in his early years.

Anyway, enjoy the video. I seem to spending all of this afternoon on Youtube – been too long since I did that. Have discovered many wonderful previously unseen videos there (unseen by me) which I’ll share via the Ferdinand Porsche website and magazine over time.


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