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Porsche Drive-In Movie Festival at Le Mans Classic

by | Jun 24, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Race and Rally

Nice idea from the team at Le Mans Classic this year, as the organisers have decided to erect an inflatable movie screen and show porsche drive-in movies in the Le Mans circuit infield on Friday and Saturday nights.

Classic Le MAns inflatable movie screen

The inflatable screen will be installed near the famous Dunlop Bridge. Filmgoers will be provided with an audio headset, so not to be disturbed by the roaring sound of engines coming from the circuit.

Movies being shown at Le Mans will please Porsche fans. The Friday night menu includes:

  • 21:30 – A Man and a Woman (Claude Lelouch)
  • 23:55 – C’était un Rendez-Vous ; “It was a date” (Claude Lelouch)
  • 00:00 – Bullitt (Peter Yates)

Bulllitt Steve McQueen

Saturday’s schedule features:

  • 21:30 – Le Mans (Lee H. Katzin)
  • 00:05 – C’était un Rendez-Vous ; “It was a date” (Claude Lelouch)
  • 00:15 – Weekend of a Champion (Roman Polanski)

Steve McQueen in Bullitt and Le Mans will keep the crowds happy, but the other movies are also worth seeing. Rendez-Vous is short but sweet: the contrived early morning lap of Paris, supposedly driven in a V8 Mercedes, but the director allegedly dubbed it with the soundtrack of his V12 Ferrari 275GTB!

Weekend of a Champion is Polanski’s excellent documentary following Jackie Stewart through his 1971 Monaco Grand Prix weekend. It’s a considered look at motorsport of the era and gives an engaging insight into a driver at the top of his game, doubly concerned with safety and with beating his less safety-conscious rivals.

Steve McQueen Le Mans

Each movie will be shown in its original version with French subtitles for foreign films and English subtitles for French films. “Who has never dreamed about the drive-in movie theatre?” asks Classic Le Mans. “It came to us from the United States, combining the two major national industries, auto and film. Le Mans Classic will recreate this atmosphere!”

Ferdinand Magazine is not at Classic Le Mans this year: Abu Dhabi beckons instead. Enjoy your CLM weekend and share your Porsche pics using Ferdinand Magazine’s Facebook page, our Twitter feed, or send them to us via email!


  1. Chuck

    Somehow going to LeMans to watch a movie during the classics races seems totally absurd to this old coot who would love to be there watching and listening to the live action! But yes I can see showing cartoons for the kids…

    • John Glynn

      You have to be there to get the Classic. They run every era of car in various ‘tranches’ or stages, with breaks in between, so you can dip and and dip out through the racing. Also lots of campers at the circuit so plenty of people milling around with beer in hand from Thursday to Sunday. It’s a cool idea 😉


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