Porsche enters Third 919 Hybrid for Le Mans 2015

Porsche has just announced a third 919 entry for Le Mans 2015. Anyone who has been following the Jenson Button Porsche rumours will be completely unsurprised and hopefully excited by the news of a third LMP1 entry, as it clears the way for a certain could-be ex-F1 driver to join the Porsche Le Mans 2015 team for the 24-Hours and maybe more.

The additional chassis also allows a few of the GT drivers to step up to the big one for the Le Mans 24-Hour, and means Stuttgart will be mob-handed at La Sarthe next year. The pitlane will be a hive of Porsche activity with three Porsche 919 Hybrids and perhaps another eight Porsche 911 RSRs buzzing around the place if 2014 is anything to go by.

Porsche LMP1 919 Hybrid 4

Porsche Le Mans 2015

Le Mans 2015 dates are 13-14 June for the main event, with the testing taking place two weeks prior, on Sunday May 31.  Scrutineering will be on Sunday/Monday 7-8 June. The schedule allows the teams to set up camp inside the Le Mans circuit, and leave their arenas assembled until the 24-Hour race has finished.

Whoever ends up driving them, three 919 Hybrids racing in France is quite a draw for the fans. No doubt a few convoys will be leaving the UK headed for Le Mans. Could we see new dad Mr Tandy in an LMP1?

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