Porsche Museum 911 50th Anniversary Exhibition a Success

The wonderful Porsche Museum is currently running a special exhibition celebrating 50 years of the 911.

Pete Falken VLN 6

More than forty exhibits chart the progression of Porsche’s most famous progeny from 1963 to date, including a 911R, 3.0 RSR, a 934 from the 1976 Le Mans race, the first 964 Cup car and a GT3 RS 4.0.

Friends of Ferdinand have been visiting the museum and sharing their pictures through Ferdinand Magazine’s Facebook page, which is now followed by more than 110,000 Porsche fans. Latest to share was Isle of Man resident Karl-Heinz, who recently took his 1981 911 SC to Sicily and Malta via Austria, with a stop-over in Stuttgart to catch the show.

911 50 Museum Exhibition Ferdinand 1

“A classic 911SC is the perfect touring car for two adults, plus a 6 year-old, with luggage! We visited the “50 Jahre 911″ at Stuttgart on the second day after opening with our own 911. A priceless experience!” Good work, Karl!

The 50-Year exhibition began on June 4, so has only been going for the last six weeks, but those lovely people at the Porsche museum are delighted by the response to their one-off event. “Since the opening of the most 911-centric 911 exhibition in the history of the Porsche Museum, we have welcomed more than 35,000 visitors,” says Astrid in Stuttgart. “This is more than we expected! All appreciate that we honour the 911 in such a huge environment.

911 50 Museum Exhibition Ferdinand

“Looking at the first six months of 2013, we have seen more than 182,000 visitors from all over the world. In comparison to the first six months of 2012, that’s an increase of 6,000 visitors. This is amazing!”

I agree it’s amazing, and richly deserved. Even better is the social nature of the show. At least one of the cars on show is privately owned by a bona fide Porsche enthusiast friend, so its great to see these cars being shared. The ImpactBumpers.com crew recently stopped at the museum on their Slovenia road trip and one of the tour’s 964 interlopers made a memorable impression out front. Forget aesthetic barriers to 911 passion!

911 50 Museum Exhibition Ferdinand 2

My own visit to the museum (in my own 911) for this unmissable show will correspond with the date the 911 was first unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, on September 12, 1963. The plan is to take the Carrera to this year’s Frankfurt Show on the 12th and then drive back to Stuttgart, to see the 50-Jahre spread before returning home that weekend. Awesome road trip ahead! Anyone interested in coming along, just drop me an email.

The exhibition closes on September 29. All 911 drivers get free entry to the exhibition, obtained by presenting their registration papers at the museum ticket office. If you don’t have a 911 but were born in 1963, then it’s free in also! You can’t say fairer than that.


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