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Porsche Project: 911 2.8 RSR Replica

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

This freshly-built Porsche 911 RSR replica recently enjoyed its track day debut at Spa Francorchamps. Replica, homage, interpretation: call it what you will, it’s a widebody version of the classic 911, but still more compact than your average modern sports car. Owner Tony tells it like this:

After much consideration on what style of sports-purpose Porsche to build from my 1979 Porsche 911 SC, I opted for an early 911 that packed a punch and would one day enable us to possibly race at international events. I therefore choose the 1973 2.8 RSR as the ultimate aim for my project, with the end result hopefully of a car with FIA papers.

Whilst researching and preparing my budget, it became obvious that the cost of such a project was going to be considerable. We therefore decided to break the project into two phases.

Phase 1 would include chassis, suspension, brakes, bodywork and paint. I knew that, as an ex-Porsche Club GB championship car, the SC had a strong and willing power plant. Therefore, if I added rigidity, removed weight and upgraded the brakes and suspension, it would be an exciting drive. Phase 2 would be all about more power. Phase 1 thus became:

  • Strengthened shell, built within the FIA rules, including revised rear crossmember
  • Wide body with lightweight panels
  • Coil-over suspension with Porsche RSR front Bilstein struts, Reiger dampers and monoball top mounts
  • Early adjustable RSR anti-roll bars with RSR strut brace
  • Brembo brakes (not FIA)
  • Custom Cages T45 historic cage
  • 8 x 15″ Fuchs front wheels and 9 x 15″ Group 4 rear wheels
  • Michelin TB15 tyres: 215mm F/270mm R
  • Front-mounted oil cooler
  • Lightweight windows inc heated front screen
  • Lightweight fuel tank (bag tank)
  • Target weight sub-1000kg

The Porsche project 911 2.8 RSR replica commenced in March and was due for completion in time for a track day at Spa Francorchamps on July 14. I got to know some great people during the course of the project. A special thanks must go to all the guys at Track Torque Racing for building the car, as well as Dan Sutherland at Dansport and Mark Bates at EB Motorsport for Porsche parts, advice, support and expertise, without which the car would never have been completed.

Despite a few teething problems immediately prior to leaving for the Hull ferry, the trip was fantastic, with circa 1000 miles through Belgium and on track at Spa. The car was unbelievable. It delivered astounding performance in the wet conditions in the morning and was capable of running very quickly in the dry PM session, however it was clear the grip level would not last forever in the dry conditions and that Michelin TB5s would be more durable.

Regardless, I now have a car which always delivers a great big smile to my face, whether in the garage or when I’m behind the wheel. Ultimately the car is fast, light, agile and fun: exactly what a Porsche should be all about! The best thing of all is I still have Phase 2 to look forward to!


  1. Shaun Collins

    Very much looking forward to Phase 2! It would be great if he did a full article with photographs detailing each upgrade! Love this website!

    • John Glynn

      Thanks Shaun – am trying to get more pics so we will hopefully add a few. Cheers, John G


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