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Porsche Review: 911 997 C4S Porsche Road Trip

by | Apr 3, 2011 | Classic Porsche Blog, Road Trips

Here’s a Porsche review following my road trip to Germany in Porsche GB’s Speed Yellow 911 Carrera 4S (997) demonstrator.

Things I liked a lot: 29 mpg over almost 1000 city and highway miles, at cruising speeds and more. Excellent brakes: perfect for emergency avoiding action. Wonderful driving position and controls. Gorgeous gear shift. Beautiful engineering and build quality. Millions of airbags. Smell of genuine Porsche windscreen washer fluid. Excellent nav/stereo/trip computer, works a treat with iPod. 4wd – love 4wd.

Things I questioned: same amount of road noise from the rear as on the Carrera GTS. There must be a quieter 19″ tyre out there – it can’t just be ‘putting a driver in touch with the drive”. Exhaust button: I know people love it but I never bother. Same with the firmer suspension switch. The standard setup is just so good.

Hint of clutch smell when I parked up sometimes – maybe just because it’s new. I don’t think I’m hard on clutches. Hard to find Sports Chrono controls when you are a dozy idiot man who puts the book pack under the bonnet to make room in the glovebox. Lack of storage ‘bins” in the front: not like the old IBs with those massive door pockets. Small sunvisors with gaps in between them. Pretty small list, really.

Loved the colour (after a while). It turned more heads than the orange car. Love the dash layout. Great ventilation – set and forget. I only used the air con once, when the rain was torrential. Love the Porsche key and like the way things work for a little while when you take the key out. Love the very effective rear wiper and the great use of space in the back. Love how the car feels with half a tank of fuel, or the added bit of fizz when you just fill up and the fuel is freezing.

Options I would have: The car had beautiful leather seats but no heating elements. Come on all you Porsche drivers, fit heated leather to your cars! I’d heat the steering wheel too as it is a daily driver: 365/12. I would probably spec cruise for convenience. Front driving lights as high beam is literally a very high beam.

I’d go with a painted rear badge and centre console phone prep, plus the Sport Classic wheels. I’d delete Sports Chrono: I’m not lending it out and it’s not going on track. Black sports seats with black dials and black seat belts. Probably about £88,000 to buy that one? Can’t remember how much the Sports Classic wheels cost.

If money was no problem, would I buy it? The better question is would I buy anything else. Love the Carrera 4 and the S is the one. Amethyst Metallic for me, please Santa.


  1. Amir

    John, you should get one in amethyst metallic with cocoa or natural brown interior. Parking sensors aren't a bad idea either if it's going to be a daily-driver in the city. Rockin car, and I definitely feel you on that last part, what else is there that could do EVERYTHING that this car does so well? Maybe an Audi RS5, but that drives like a tractor. Porsche, no substitute.

    • johndglynn

      Totally feeling it mate, what a great car that would be. In some ways it has changed the way I think about earnings! See you soon 😉

  2. Eddie

    I’ve owned this car for the last 6 years, still only 17,000 miles on the clock.

    Puts a smile on my face every time I drive it.

    • John Glynn

      Brilliant – such a great car. Was just thinking about it again the other day.


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