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Postcards from Bergmeister Tour 2016

by | Jul 1, 2016 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods

Friend and fellow R Gruppe member, Guenter Kehr, has sent me some pics from the 2016 Bergmeister Tour, just completed by a great group of Porsche friends.

Long-time readers will remember the first Bergmeister Tour in 2010, when we took ten R Gruppe 911s from all over the world across Europe to the Alps, staying in Lake Geneva, Briancon and Monaco, following the old Monte Carlo Rally stages around the principality before coming home via Classic Le Mans.

Bergmeister Tour 2016 1

Painstakingly organised by Leonard Stolk at Twinspark Racing in Amsterdam, every day was a unforgettable experience. Six years later, it is still the best thing I have ever done in my 911, so I was delighted to get Guenter’s pics and a reminder of how special it is to be on tour in a group of air-cooled 911s with like-minded people.

Bergmeister Tour 2016 2

“Bergmeister Tour 2016 is completed,” writes Geunter. “Once again, an epic week of close to 5,000 km of intense driving on some of the most amazing roads across Switzerland, France and Italy. Lots of rain, fog, mud and gravel on the roads made driving even more challenging this year.

Bergmeister Tour 2016 3

“This was certainly an excellent test run for my new Michelin Pilot Exalto 2 NO tyres in sizes 205/55 ZR16 and 225/50 ZR16 mounted on 7 & 8×16 fuchs. The Michelins lived up to expectations: very predictable in the wet and with good braking performance and traction in and out of the uncountable hairpins.

Bergmeister Tour 2016 4

“The tyres and my new brake calipers saved me at least once from being smashed between a white van and a wall going up “La Madelaine”. Climbing up the ultimate Col de L’Iseran to an altitude of 2,770 m we even got freezing rain and snow. No reason to stop but first time ever I had to pull my heater lever on a summer tour. Too bad for the others who had sacrificed their heaters for less weight!”

Chateau du Picomtal les Crots

Congrats Guenter and to his fellow Bergmeister tourers – looks like a blast. Check out the Bergmeister Facebook page for more information and photos.


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