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New models: Porsche 918 testing in Stuttgart

by | Jan 16, 2014 | New Models, Porsche News

This video has just gone live on Youtube, showing a prototype Porsche 918 exiting an underground car park in Stuttgart.

This car – SM 2252 – features in a lot of Youtube spy stuff, as it runs around doing errands. I doubt the development engineer expected a stalker, but it’s interesting to see the car go about its business on normal roads and pavements.

Porsche 918 Assembly

Despite the production run well under way, PT1018 is a prototype (P/T). Our tipster points to Carrera GT roof and handles, 991 rear lights, static rear wing and a host of 918 trim that’s gone AWOL. The Corsa alongside is a minor distraction, but the electric steering, silent pull-away and throaty exit give us mere mortals a bit of a thrill.

We’ll all be excited to see our first 918 in the flesh. I hope one of these test beds is kept for the Porsche Museum.


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