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Australian 1960 Porsche 356 Outlaw Roadster

by | Jan 18, 2013 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods, Project Cars

I had a cool email recently from Alex Webster, who works for Porsche in sunny Australia. Alex and dad Stewart have a tasty 356 collection, including the one seen here: a 1960 Roadster built as an all-metal Outlaw.

Stewart Webster Porsche 356 Australia 1

Others in the line up include a Carrera GT, Carrera 2, 1958 speedster and 1956 sunroof coupe: all original RHD. Stewart had this to say about his collection:

Stewart Webster Porsche Roadster 8

“The GT was delivered to New Zealand and has only covered 13k miles. The Carrera 2 was delivered to AFN in England, and made its way to Australia twenty years ago. Condition is said to be new: sounds like a beautiful car. The Speedster is one of four in Stone Grey cars, and was delivered through Hamiltons in Melbourne in 1958. The ’56 sunroof coupe was delivered by the dealer in Sydney and it too is like new.”

Stewart Webster Porsche Roadster 4

Stewart’s other 356s include half a dozen US models, restored and converted to RHD. The Outlaw looks like something else: someone should do a story on these Webster boys 😀



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