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Porsche 911 SC Project Car Cibie Oscar Spotlamps

by | Dec 16, 2009 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

I won some Cibie Oscar spotlamps on eBay at the weekend and they arrived today. They were last used on a Cortina GT rally car and are absolutely MINT! I am over the moon with them.

Porsche 911 Cibie Monte Carlo

Back in my day, Cibies were the lights you wanted on your car, as all the rally boys had them and they were built from melted battleships. Old car lights were about as much use as that Pneumatic Price woman is today, so anything you could do to improve their effectiveness was good news. Cibies were the dearest and the best: my dad had two sets of dealer-fit lamps on his BMW.

Porsche 911 Cibie Monte Carlo 5

My new Oscars are not too big and will be a great addition to the front end of one of my cars. I was going to put them on Varmint but I am leaning more towards Orange now – these are that good.

Porsche 911 Cibie 1

I mocked up one bumper-mount placement today: am thinking very slightly right and a little more forward. They will come down at least an inch when mounted: sitting on the fixing bolts here. I just love the way these look, and am excited by the prospect of driving into daylight at night, with some new megabulbs en route for all the lights on whatever car they make it to. I can’t wait to fit them over Christmas.

Porsche 911 Cibie 4

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  1. J Keith Walters

    So John, what happened to the Oscars? (I’m considering putting my pair on the Green Machine)


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