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All-new Deep 6 and 7R Porsche 911 Wheels

by | Jun 4, 2013 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

Just had these preview pictures through from EB Motorsport of their all-new Deep 6 and 7R Fuchs reproduction wheels in polished finish.

EB Motorsport Porsche 911 Deep 6 7R Fuchs wheels 3

The polished look has always seemed best to me on these rare rims, and EB wheels are designed and manufactured with exceptional attention to detail. Note how these wheels feature the safety bead missing from original Fuchs, and the correct detail around the valve stems, not seen on lesser reproductions.

EB Motorsport Porsche 911 Deep 6 7R Fuchs wheels 4

The wheel centre and front face are machined from a single aluminium billet, with the forged rear barrel CNC-welded to the front section. I had a close look at these wheels in person last week. The finish is top notch and the curve of the spoke and rim edge is just perfect: these are really lovely products. Why risk your original wheels? Get a set of these on and mothball the originals.

EB Motorsport Porsche 911 Deep 6 7R Fuchs wheels 1

EB has so far won two Masters Historic Series championships using their strong and lightweight reproduction Fuchs wheels without incident: this is despite some heavy impacts, including a direct hit from a spinning GT40 at last year’s Silverstone Classic! Suffice to say that the design and manufacture is excellent, as we have come to expect from this perfectionist Porsche parts manufacturer.

EB Motorsport Porsche 911 Deep 6 7R Fuchs wheels 2

Price for either Deep 6 or 7R reproductions is £1850 per pair. That is ex-works from Yorkshire HQ, so plus VAT and carriage where applicable. Contact EB Motorsport for more details and to discuss options on finishing etc. Remember, these are proper, high-end reproductions: not cast to keep cost down. Cast wheels are much heavier and raise too many questions on strength and quality/porosity.


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  1. Mill Beatty

    John, how’s things with you? Progressing with the C3 registry here for North America. Web site S/B active in a coupLe weeks. Can u get me pic’s of ‘P’ C3 production line?

    • John

      Not seen any C3 production pics mate. Bert has some brochure scans showing C3s leaving Stuttgart – worth an email to him.

  2. mark mcgurran

    Good article John, I’ve been admiring EBs work for a while, a SC RS -a-like is getting tempting!
    Might drop them an email to see if they can come up with some 15×11 and 15×9 Fuch to fit the offset of the 3.0 930.

    • John

      Talk to Mark mate, he is a top man. A friend of mine in Germany has built a very nice SC RS replica, check him out via my Facebook contacts.


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