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Ferry Porsche Personal 356 Speedster found in Brazil

by | Feb 3, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Porsche News

Excellent email from a Ferdinand reader in Brazil, who shares this picture of his family’s Porsche 356 Speedster. This 356 Speedster was originally owned by Ferry Porsche.

Ferdinand Porsche original 356 Speedster

Bought by his dad in 1981, the car came via a young Brazilian Porsche racer who was sadly killed at Le Mans, then a local businessman and through a series of family friends. Eventually found unloved and in need of restoration, the Speedster was brought back to life and has been enjoyed as a living, driving entity ever since.

“It’s not a concours car by any means,” says the owner, “but it is in good shape. We like to drive it on weekends, and go to our local events, so we prefer to have a road-going car, than just a piece of art standing still.”

I’m getting a few more details. It’s an early chassis number for the Type 2 models, shown on the Porsche Kardex as a “Versuchwagen” fur T-2 (T2 prototype), and listed as first owned by Ferdinand Porsche Junior (Ferry Porsche).

Absolutely super cool. Colour changed from Aquamarine to Red somewhere down the line, but easy change it back if you consider that important. Ferry would be happy that it’s still in use and bringing joy.

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  1. Pete Walsh

    Great find/story! ( except of course the poor guy who was killed at Le Mans) Far-reaching audience!


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