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Guy Allen Porsche Prints: More Exceptional Artwork

by | Feb 8, 2014 | Art and Books, Classic Porsche Blog

I caught up with the talented artist Guy Allen this week. Guy’s the man responsible for the popular (sold out) t-shirts and print ranges previously offered at our forum and website for fans of the 1974-1989 Porsche 911.

Guy Allen Porsche Print 1 celebrates its 8th anniversary in Feb 2014, so I’m looking at doing some birthday shirts. While awaiting said fabulousness, take a look at Guy Allen’s latest Porsche print: the IROC Porsche 911 RSR, striped in Race of Champions colours.Very cool – of course I got one.

Guy Allen Porsche Print 2

The sweet livery is also right on message with protests and adwork inspired by LGBT concerns at the Sochi Olympics. I read an interesting piece on Putin politics and diversionary tactics in The Guardian this morning.


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