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Jochen Mass Drifts Porsche 935 at Silverstone

by | Jan 19, 2013 | Classic Porsche Blog

Spending time with former PCGB Production Championship driver, Josh Sadler at Autofarm last week brought back memories of a recent chat with Michael Hodges at MPH Communications. Michael shared stories from his time running PR for BFGoodrich tyres in the great days of sportscars, when BFG ran a team of Porsche 962s in IMSA.

Jochen Mass Martini Porsche 935 (1)

“The Daytona 24 Hours in February was a great deal better than a soggy UK!” says Michael. “I am also old enough to have been around in the days when a photographer’s pass allowed you to crouch down at the apex of corners and shoot away.

Martini Porsche RSR Jochen Mass

“This picture (above) is Becketts at the 1976 Silverstone 6 Hours. Lap after lap, Jochen Mass planted his Porsche 935 in the same spot and drifted past in a whoosh! It was only a 135mm lens, so I could just about touch the paint. And I don’t think we even had tabards. Madness: but fun.

“I also got BFGoodrich to sponsor the Porsche Club GB Production Championship for three years. Really great times, when genuine 2.7RSs slugged it out. Driving standards were brilliant.”

No one needs to ask what the Cult of Porsche means, when people like Michael can share these kinds of stories. Sums it all up perfectly!

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