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WEVO 912 Update: Perfect Road Rally Porsche

by | Jan 19, 2013 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods, Project Cars

Few classic Porsche cars sum up Ferdinand’s driving, not posing policy more than those built at WEVO in San Carlos, CA. One of my favourite cars from this stable is a 1967 Porsche 912, known in the family as Primrose, which I first enjoyed driving two years ago. This is me: pic by Jamie.

WEVO Porsche 912 James Lipman

The ’67 is Aga Blue. It’s a genuine barn find, with only 36,000 miles on the clock when first uncovered. Hayden Burvill regards the 912 as “the essential-to-understand engineering link between the 356 and the 911. Put into dry storage in 1972, we recovered it in 2007, the 35-year hibernation leaving the interior beautifully preserved and the exterior degraded in a manner that is difficult to describe.

WEVO Porsche 912 beach JG

“The patina is insanely genuine, at times disturbing, yet any effort to control or preserve it would look ridiculously contrived. The 912 is heavily waxed, waxed over every blemish and that seems like the appropriate treatment for the time being.”

When I first drove this classic Porsche, it had a simple engine build and almost standard suspension, albeit rebuilt with new bushes. Since then, Hayden has further upgraded the running gear: most noticeably with a 1900cc engine that was run in on the 2012 California Melee.

WEVO Porsche 912 with GT3 Cup

“The 1900cc motor has been faultless so far. Initially it required a little tuning and synchronization of the carbs but otherwise all good and much nicer than the old motor. Went on a diet and took another 16lbs off during the build, so the car is now about 2000 lbs with a full tank and 110hp: about BMW 2002 territory.

“Old engine to new engine: we kept the crank and flywheel and the cam, but not much else. Entering it on the Melee was an incentive to get it working. The 912 turned out to be the perfect car for the event, rewarding care with momentum – and the big grin that comes from sliding about on dry pavement at legal speeds on 165/80-15 tires.

WEVO Porsche 912 California Melee

“The nimble 912 can tackle the unexpected with such finesse, it makes me very happy to have left the 911 at home for another day. That said, after an unbroken run of 140 miles, my shoulders did feel like a massage would have helped. Drivers in the heavier cars would have enjoyed a great upper body workout.”

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  1. barneyfife

    Patina schmatina…..give the poor thing a decent paint job. Patina is only worth something if the paint is perfect to begin with otherwise its just an excuse to justify non spending on paint.

    • John

      I don’t know about that. There’s a lot to be said for comfortable authenticity and once keeping up appearances gets in the way of enjoyment, the ‘just drive it’ balance has gone wrong in my opinion. Thanks for commenting – much appreciated.

  2. Orion

    What brand of tires did you end up getting by the way? I have a 69 912, just picked up the correct original 15×5.5 chrome wheels for it and need to buy some 165/80R15 tires. I found some Federal’s but I’m worried that they will be somehow different from the original. Well of course they’ll be different somehow, but I mean in a bad way, as in too modern for their own good? Someone dared to put on 16″ boxster wheels and tires currently so I can’t wait to get the correct size on and experience that dry pavement fun you mention! Best, Orion

  3. John Hartley

    I just purchased a set of Vredestein Sport Classic tires. Not as beautiful or high performance as CN 36 or 87 but perfect, and I have sen them on numerous 911 in the $200k range.


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