Wolfsburg’s Amazing New Porsche Pavilion

Porsche AG has officially opened its stunning new Pavilion in the Autostadt at Wolfsburg. The Pavilion will house twenty-five Porsches, taking visitors through Stuttgart’s heritage, and showcasing the current product range.

The Autostadt lies alongside the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. Attracting more than two million visitors a year, it’s one of the city’s top tourist draws.

Autostadt’s seed was sown in 1994, when VW exhibited their production methodology at Hanover’s Expo 2000. Strong interest inspired Volkswagen to start on a permanent experience centre four years later, adjacent to the Wolfsburg plant. After two more years and an estimated €435 million, the main building opened for business.

Today’s opening ceremony drew all the big names from Porsche AG, VW and the Porsche family, including Prof. Dr. Ferdinand Piech and Dr. Wolfgang Porsche. Inspired by the roofline of the Porsche 911, the new Pavilion looks a worthwhile addition to Porsche’s portfolio of engaging architecture.

“With its extraordinary design, this building is one of a kind…possessing a symbolic and historic dimension that evokes the common ties that have closely bound Porsche and Volkswagen and will continue to do so in future,” said Matthias Müller, President and Chief Executive of Porsche AG.

The recent announcement that Porsche would skip a €1.5 billion tax bill on the close of its Volkswagen buyout must have made this event even sweeter. More of that tax dodge anon. Err, not tax dodge, I mean financial astuteness.

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