Porsche 911 Backdate: EB Motorsport Panels

Continuing our week of EB Motorsport news, I recently spoke to Neil who has used EB Motorsport Porsche panels to backdate his Porsche 911 SC.

Porsche 911 SC backdate EB Motorsport 2

What is Backdating?

Backdating is taking a later Porsche 911 and converting it to look like an earlier car. As the swooping roof line and much of the structural detail of the classic Porsche 911 body shell was unchanged for almost thirty years, it’s a popular way to get classic looks for a lower price.

Neil started with a 1982 Porsche 911 SC. The SC makes a good base for backdating for a number of reasons.

  1. The 911 SC shell was galvanised from new, so while there will be rust it is not always terminal
  2. Some of the rusty bits you change anyway through backdating
  3. The car is very simple and promotes DIY maintenance
  4. The 3.0 engine has excellent power and the chassis is ripe for lightening
  5. The 915 transmission, suspension and brakes are an improvement on an early car
  6. SCs are still cheaper than 3.2s (i.e. better 😀 )

Porsche 911 SC backdate EB Motorsport 1

EB Porsche panels include the ‘longhood’ early 911 bonnet, and early lighter bumpers front and rear. Neil also bought a lightweight roof panel, which he plans to use on the next build stage. “I fitted the panels and vinyl wrapped it in matt black to use the car and decide on the next changes. I also gold plated a few parts and installed a roll cage.

“The plan now is to change it a little, make it more Singer-inspired using EB Motorsport parts, including 911 ST front wings, 911 RSR rear arches and slightly different bumpers. I’ll fit the lightweight roof skin, probably install a centre-fill fuel tank and have it painted rather than wrapped.”

Porsche 911 SC backdate EB Motorsport 3

Ferdinand Magazine’s own backdate 911 project – based on the 1976 Porsche 912E shell I have stored in San Francisco – will kick off some time in the future. I will also use EB Motorsport parts, as the quality is so good. I’m looking forward to seeing what Neil does next on this very usable daily driver-style 911 SC base.

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