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Porsche 911R Lightweight Race Car Build Continues

by | Oct 31, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

The lightweight Porsche 911R race car in build at the EB Motorsport workshop has almost reached the end of its bodywork journey and is now being prepared for paint. Earlier this year, EB added another metal fabricator to their engineering business, who was also experienced in restoration. The new man has extensively rebuilt the rust-ridden chassis, replacing the huge amount of corrosion in the base chassis with nice clean metalwork.

Pictures I received of the project in progress made it look very nicely done. More shots just shared by Mark at EB Motorsport show the 911 with EB’s light composite body panels (handbuilt in the same workshop) attached, including front wings, doors and rear quarter panels. The roof is still steel, which begged the question why the guys didn’t use the EB Motorsport fibreglass roof panel to replace the original metal panel.

Porsche 911R race car build UK EB Motorsport

“Simple answer is that the lighter EB roof panel is perfect for replacing sunroof holes on cars originally equipped with a sliding roof,” says Mark at EB. “On a car without a sunroof, we would be putting a lot of work in to save two kilograms, so we’ve opted to leave things as they are and look elsewhere for weight savings.”

EB Motorsport reports a number of 911R kits sold to satisfied customers. I know a few people who have opted for a 911R conversion on their challenging SWB 911 restorations, using EB’s lightweight Porsche 911 doors and aluminium hinges, full front wings with built in sidelights, 911R tail light conversion and composite rear quarter panels. Target weight for the EB 911R is circa 860 kilograms: that would be quite an exciting achievement.

Porsche 911R race car build UK EB Motorsport (3)

Also in the EB project stable is the 2.1-litre RSR “Baby” Turbo replica, which now looks little short of insane. Mark has been working on the flat fan conversion prototyping and recreating the magnesium oil cooler housings as per original race cars. He is also building a new front end for his Harley chopper. So much stuff going on up in Yorkshire: kudos to the guys there.


  1. Marc B. Greenwald

    Good morning,

    Undoubtably the fastest ‘street’ Porsche I’ve been taken for a ride in was in 67′, when a close family friend brought back an ‘R’ from Germany……. lighting fast!!

    Is there nothing scarred, why doesn’t Porsche do what Mercedes-Benz has done with the replica 300-SL’s and crush em’

    Warmest regards,


    • Ters van Wyk

      Hi Marc. Regarding your remark on Mercedes Benz crushing replicas; The Porsche brand stimulates the car customizing industry. They will never withhold information or components to deter people customizing their cars. On the contrary, they assist people on the ideal set-ups for racing. No wonder they are the of the most successful racing brands on the planet. Porsche=Passion to the square!. The people that don’t like them are just people that don’t know them. Love Porsche, (…also like my wife)

      • John Glynn

        Stuttgart does not wholeheartedly support the aftermarket. New models are highly locked down and the lawyers are kept busy.


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