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McLaren Man’s Retro Classic: Gulf Porsche 911 SC

by | Nov 8, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

I’ve been swapping emails with friends at McLaren regarding Jenson Button’s future (not that they know anything) but another man at the Woking F1 team has a different connection to Ferdinand. Richard owns this Porsche 911 SC hot rod, which recently went back on the road after a long laid-up period.

I’ve been following the project for a while, after meeting Rich via EB Motorsport. The Porsche fan bought some of Mark’s Porsche 911 SC RS bumpers for narrow-body 911 models including the SC, and added a ducktail for fun.

Modified Classic Retro Porsche 911 SC Gulf SC RS bumpers 3

“I was very happy with the EB Motorsport parts,” says Rich. “The ducktail engine lid fitted straight on with no issues, and the bumpers were good as well. I modified the smile at the front to make a centre bracket, which looks good and supports the front edge over the whole width.”

Gulf Porsche 911 SC

The 911 has just come out of paint and Richard has shared some new pics of the project. Normally, the Gulf tribute schemes involve light blue all over with orange stripes running from under the bumpers across the cars: it’s a look I’m normally not that sure about. Richard’s decision to go orange with the bumpers and carry a modified stripe theme is a good one: the car looks very cool.

Modified Classic Retro Porsche 911 SC Gulf SC RS bumpers 4

Modified Classic Retro Porsche 911 SC Gulf SC RS bumpers 8

“I’ve owned this Porsche 911 SC for more than 18 years. This is rebuild number three! It’s a pretty standard 3-litre SC engine, that has carried us more than 100,000 miles so far. Interior is RS-like, with 993 GT2 seats.

“Last painted eleven years ago, it came off the road for a few years when an oil leak required the engine out to repair. My wife was then ill with cancer and, after she passed away a year ago, my mates got me sorted with a barn with lift and it’s been keeping me occupied ever since.

Modified Classic Retro Porsche 911 SC Gulf SC RS bumpers 2

“The engine was a filthy mess when I dropped it out, but we’ve done what it needed and tidied it up. It’s running very well: just needs lots of super unleaded!”

It’s always sad to hear stories of loss, but the aftermath of these traumatic events can be motivational, as we seek to cope with the loss and make sense of what comes next. My brother-in-law, David Bolger, was claimed by cancer over a decade ago: that was my wake-up call to share the Porsche love. What I do today is closely linked to his passing, and I think of him often.

Kudos to Rich for a car that looks good! It cheers all of us up to see long-owned air-cooled cars modified nicely, not just put back to standard and shoved on the market. A good way to move on: and well done to your mates for helping out too.


  1. Karine Lecardonnel

    J aime bien les porshes surtout les vieilles porshes carera.

  2. Richard Cannon

    I did think about changing it for this rebuild but its been in Gulf colours for so long now that no one would recognise it as mine. The bumpers and skirts in orange look good I think. But what colour the wheel centres black or orange?

    • Eric Marcoux

      Black, just like a 917, orange would be for a GT40. Only my opinion.

    • Richard Cannon

      If black diamond cut edge or all matt as 917?

    • Ferdinand Porsche Magazine

      Not all black. I think orange centres but tricky with 16″ wheels as makes them look even bigger. So maybe black centres and drop it a bit 😉

    • Erwin Schepens

      Richard, great car! I am not sure if you’ve done the wheels already, but IMO the best looking Gulf cars out there have orange wheels. Do a Google images search and you will see.

  3. Elize Rolfe

    Looks like Ken Rolfe Porsche

  4. Matthew

    Amen Mr Glynn.


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