Porsche 964 RS EXE-TC Damper Upgrade

Watched a cool project in progress at Tuthill Porsche this morning, with my ex-BTCC tech mate Chris Defriez fitting EXE-TC dampers to a Porsche 964 RS track day machine.

EXE-TC dampers Porsche 964 RS 1

EXE-TC suspension is a high-end option for Porsche 911s that has been used to great effect on many Tuthill rally cars over the years, but decent suspension is just as important on road and race cars. EXE-TC kit is now available for most 911s from 1965 onwards. These remote reservoir 964 dampers are beautifully manufactured, featuring mega adjustable billet top mounts, which gave a wide range camber and castor adjustment at the top and bottom of the suspension leg on this particular 964 RS.

EXE-TC dampers Porsche 964 RS 3

The kit being fitted to all four corners of this RS created an interesting challenge for Chris, as he worked out where to site the remote reservoirs. Front is not too bad, as there is a handy strut brace sitting there ready to mount damper reservoirs, but the engine compartment on a 964RS is pretty packed, so not many options in the back. I’ll head back over in a few days to see what he decided.

EXE-TC dampers Porsche 964 RS 2

964RS is still the one for me – they are absolutely fantastic cars. I am another one of those who almost bought a 964RS many years ago when they were circa £30k, but decided against it. I can live with the decision but, every so often, it does niggle me that I will never actually own one of my own. Prices will never return to that sort of level.

JZM Porsche 964 RS for sale

Prices for proper Porsche 964 RS models now start circa £120k and rise to much bigger numbers for original, low mileage RHD examples, so this well used LHD track car is still worth serious money by normal standards. There are a few 964 RS models up for sale at the minute, including a 964 Cup Car for sale at just under £200k. I’m not about to remortgage my house for a 964 Cup Car, but how cool to have bought one when they could barely be given away.

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