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Porsche 964 RS Magazine Feature

by | Sep 9, 2010 | Classic Porsche Blog, Modified Porsche Hot Rods

I was out with the Porsche World magazine crew all day yesterday. We were at Bruntingthorpe, shooting a feature for the magazine’s upcoming 200th anniversary.

The article’s premise will be revealed in the mag in due course, but here’s a few shots from the day. The regular contributors had never all gathered together in one place, so it was fun to hang out in the sunshine with so many cool cars and good people.

Coolest one there? For me, it was between a friend’s beautiful 3.0 RSR and the 964 RS I brought to the party. It might sound crazy but, on the basis that I drove a number of fast track laps and then got to bring it home again at the end, the 964 RS just pipped it. If the asking price was closer to £35/40k, I’d have bought it by now. It is the last word in hooligan transport and would keep me young for ever.

My first 964 RS job would be to junk all the heater controls and put manual levers in! Maybe I should just stick an RS engine in my Carrera 3.0 instead, and get Hayden to help me add ultimate suspension and brakes. Now that would be incredible.


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