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Porsche 996 Buying Guide: Rust in B-Pillar

by | Jan 22, 2013 | Market & Prices, Project Cars

Here’s one to watch for if you’re looking at Porsche 996s for sale: rust around the door latch mounting points.

996 Porsche door pillar rust

This is a common problem on earlier cars, but I didn’t think was that bad on later cars with arch liners. But while older cars rust from the back of the latch to the front, starting inside the wheel well, these cars are rusting from front to the rear. It’s pretty common on the 996 and does tend to come from the front. Early 996s get it worst: on models pre-2000, prob 30% of them have this and some pretty badly.”

You could rub this particular case down and paint it, but if Porsche rust repairs are not done properly, they will always come back. The big question is where else is rusting? If it’s happening here, the rest is at risk, too. Put it on your checklist.

964 Patchwork Porsche

The second pic shows ongoing body repairs on a Porsche 964 bought by a customer as accident damaged, with new front wings replacing rusty ones and good quality second hand parts used in a few other places. Looks a bit patchwork at present, but is heading off to paint later on.


  1. stephen

    Love the look of the 964, junk yard chic at its best

  2. stephen's wife

    I’m not being seen out in that if its not getting painted

    • John

      Hahaha, excellent 😀


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