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Porsche Paint Microblisters: Bare Metal Restoration

by | Mar 2, 2014 | Classic Porsche Blog, Project Cars

Been meaning to uncover my Carrera 3.0 for a while and stick the battery on charge. Did it this evening and found a big surprise hiding under the cover. The roof, rear arches and scuttle are peppered with microblisters. What a pain in the arse!

Classic Porsche Paint Microblisters (3)

It’s not a huge deal, as the guys at Racing Restorations have some Porsche rust & bodywork repair work to do for me: repairing the dents I made over the driver’s door in Monaco, and sorting a bodged repair from before my time on an offside rear quarter replacement. So we’ll have to paint lots of the the car anyway, as matching this custom Continental Orange mix won’t be easy.

Classic Porsche Paint Microblisters

While we’re chopping about, I might get them to make a nicer job on the oil cooler nose box (done before me), and change an inner rear wing where it’s been hammered out in the past, so they might cut the rear quarter panel off for that. I’ll find Rob’s boys some other stuff to do: maybe chop the sills open to look for any rot. Tuthills have some nice carbon 935-style mirrors coming through on a new build, so maybe I’ll switch to those too. And fit a Safari roof vent! (might be just kidding)

Classic Porsche Paint Microblisters (2)

I suppose this only really bugs me as there was nothing wrong with the paint when it went under cover, and the cover is not some cheap blanket affair: it’s a supposedly breathable genuine Porsche Tequipment accessory.

Classic Porsche Paint Microblisters (1)

But I’m not blaming the cover and I don’t blame the car. I’ve neglected the Orange for long enough, so will just get it fixed. First thing to do is drag it out and run it to for an MOT when the battery’s charged. That’ll clean the mildew off the throttle.


  1. allen

    any idea what causes those blisters? my car has a few of them too 🙁 hope it’s not herPes

    • John Glynn

      I think it’s caused by dampness trapped against the paint. I’m gone right off using covers now, but really it’s my own fault for leaving it sitting there so long. Will get it sorted eventually.


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