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Porsche Museum Purchase in the house

by | Feb 6, 2013 | Classic Porsche Blog

UPS just arrived with a parcel to be proud of: the Porsche – Die Marke. Die Werbung. book I ordered from the Porsche Museum Shop last week.

Porsche Die Werbung book Dieter Landenberger

Having a copy to leaf through at the Silverstone Porsche Experience Centre is one thing, but having your own copy in your kitchen is something else. I had almost forgotten how nice this book was. I heartily recommend that you all get one, too!

Porsche Die Werbung book Dieter Landenberger 2

The huge number of pictures alone are worth it for me, but it reminds me that I really should start learning German. My eldest studies German in school, so I’ve got someone to speak it with at home.

Porsche Die Werbung book Dieter Landenberger 1

Thanks to author and walking Porsche encyclopedia, Herr Landenberger, for signing this wonderful work of art especially for me! Something to treasure, for sure.


  1. Klaus Heffels

    beautifull webside

    • John

      Thanks Klaus! Glad you are with us 😉

  2. John

    You are right! We are testing some shop stuff for Twinspark Racing at the minute – might work through Twinspark for Ferdinand.


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