Porsche 356 stolen at the Nürburgring

Our Porsche racing friends at EB Motorsport had a great weekend at the Nürburgring Oldtimer GP, comfortably winning their class and retaining the lead in World Sportscar Masters, but not everyone enjoyed the event as much.

The owner of a 1956 Porsche 356 woke to find his car had been stolen from the Hotel Hohe Acht. I’m told that two other 356s were also stolen at the track on the same night. German Police have so far come up empty-handed but that is hardly a surprise: this was carried out by professionals and there will be a plan in place to get these things out of the area as soon as possible.

This particular car is a peach. The owner bought the car in 1970 and, working as a 356 spare parts manufacturer in Denmark, it has been with him for 40 years of a life in Porsche. A €15,000 reward is offered for any information leading to the safe return.

This is not the first 356 theft we’ve seen this year. Certainly classic Porsches are getting ever-easier to steal: a quick colour change and a few bits swapped (including chassis number) and no one would be any the wiser on what it once was. If you’re not using security on your classic, then fix that quickly.

I use a high-end steering lock and good alarm on mine  – plus one other unnamed measure – which would slow any potential thieves down a bit. The agreed valuation for insurance purposes is also up to date! I do agreed insurance valuations for UK classic Porsche people if you need any help there: total peace of mind and not much added to the premium.

More info on this car: black Porsche 356A with Speedster seats and a Sebring exhaust. Steels are very distinctive as is the ‘Les Lestuns’ steering wheel. but all these bits bolt off. Just be suspicious of any spotless 356s in black seen around the place.

Thorkil Simonsen owns the car. If you like the sound of that reward then call him at +45 40721284 or email simonsen-356@c.dk. Would be great to get this back.

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