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New models: Porsche 918 Martini vs unliveried

by | Jul 31, 2012 | New Models, Porsche News

Porsche have sent out some pics of the Martini-painted 918 Spyder, currently lapping at the Nürburgring. One target for the car is a 7:22 lap at the bankrupt race track, so Nürburg snappers have had a field day with the 918 going around in development.

Personally, I wasn’t sure about the Martini stripes to start with. That’s the blog I just wrote but deleted after adding the pictures. Have a look at them yourself and consider your reaction.

Silver-painted Porsches never do much for me, but I loved the shade on the 918 when the Preserve launch pics shot by Marc Urbano were released a few years back. This latest 918 livery reminded me of the Cayman race at Rennsport, where the cars were wrapped in classic colours.

I know the intention was fun, and I did shoot some track runs where the cars looked pretty hot but, when the Caymans all trailed silently back to the pits together, wearing fake paint schemes from historic cars with multiples more aural drama, it smacked of nerd poseurs with freshly-ironed Porsche shirts.

I’m sure most others loved it but, as a diehard classic fan, pimping out the heritage to sell what is a very pretty car in its own right seemed like desperate measures by the marketing team. Instant deathly turn-off.

The Martini-painted Cayman was perhaps the best of all those Rennsport cars, but I think the 918 looks better as Batman. Bad-ass Porsches have always been black and I see this as the baddest of the lot. Bring back Matt Black and the evil of the 918: playing the good guy with the white hat does not seem to suit it.

I’m sure I’m in the minority here: fan boys will love it and no doubt the 918 looks killer at speed in this livery. I wish Porsche had sent some riskier pics: inches-from-death at high speed, scraping the rock face as it chased a fast lap. Badass is as badass does.

What do you reckon: is it off the pace or not?


  1. Joy

    918’s been worth the wait! I do agree with you John, bad-ass porsches are meant to look bad-ass and nothing’s more bad-ass than black. Yes, there are exceptions but tell me would someone buy a Blue/Red/White 997 GT2 RS?

    I don’t think so. Plus the Martini scheme makes the 918 look a bit smaller and compact than what it actually is.

    A gulf livery would have looked great though. What say?

    • John

      They have done it in Gulf mockups. What about all-white with the simple Porsche sidescript? Anything not so candy for me. Maybe paint it Luftwaffe Grey with roundels: they must be having an anniversary of something. Get badass!

      • Joy

        Lots of options! I won’t mind a Martini livery on, say, an MP4-12C but on the 918, a slightly more intimidating look would have looked way better.

        Porsche, you listening?

        • John

          Haha, they are not but that doesn’t matter. We are allowed to have an opinion. Bring on the Batman!

  2. Matthias Hoeing

    I’m right there with you, John. This is for the preppy kids.

    On one hand, if you think about potential customer demographics, it might make sense. On the other hand, it’s totally unnecessary, because these cars will sell regardless of livery.

    So it might be just bad taste;)

    • John

      And indeed the one I know who has bought a 918 could be called a preppy kid – he would like that! Looking forward to your first 918 engine rebuild: I will be there!

  3. Pjr

    I felt the same about the cayman liveries. Eye catching but ultimately a bit of a sham.
    However, we’re a minority here. We’re a blip on the marketing demographics. Mainstream rags will have a field day.

    • John

      Agreed, but the feedback is valid no matter 😉


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