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Rennsport Reunion IV and the Baja Cantina

by | Oct 14, 2011 | Classic Porsche Blog, Road Trips

Arrived in Monterey last night for Rennsport Reunion 2011. First job was to catch up with the Grays and finally meet Mr East Coast Porsche himself, Tommy Johnson.

Rennsport Reunion IV 2011 Monterey

Rennsport Reunion IV 2011 Monterey

Hyatt Monterey is again the home of the R Gruppe massive. The car park was somewhat bereft when I arrived, as all were at the Baja Cantina – a great little Mexican joint/steak house on the Carmel Valley Road. We didn’t get there until after 8, so a lot of 911s had left by then, but we bumped into the Dutch contingent and were invited to gatecrash their table (sorry guys!).

Rennsport Reunion IV 2011 Monterey

Lotta fun there then more chat in the car park before calling it a night. I’m staying up in Pacific Grove so got to the hotel here at 11. Pacific Grove is a divine spot, well away from the hubbub. This peaceful location on the Pacific coast sets the scene for a weekend of work and track time: really looking forward to it.

Rennsport Reunion IV 2011 Monterey

Gonna do some writing here this morning and head to sign on about midday. Will upload some pics from the track as soon as I can get an Internet connection.


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